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Monthly Archives: May 2015

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How to Deal with Losing Streaks in Sports Betting from Sports Information Traders provides the most in depth stories, news, picks, odds, and more every day for our readers. For the most up to date articles and How to Deal with Losing Streaks in Sports Betting for your digestion read any of our numerous articles below from our top sports writers and journalists. If you’d like to start making money betting on sports then sign up today and work directly with the Sports Betting Legend Jon Price himself. Visit our homepage SportsInformationTraders.com to see what the latest packages available are and start a trial today to start profiting from our sports betting advice.

What is Middling in Wagering on Sports Middling in terms of sports wagering is a tactic used by seasoned bettors to essentially bet both sides of a play while still painting a chance to win both plays. To better illustrate this practice we’ll use an example. Let’s say the Ravens are -7 points against the […]

Mr. Price is the lead sports picker and handicapper for Sports Information Traders. A service that provides reputable sports betting advice on all of the major betting sports from around the world. How to Start Sports Betting There’s a number of things a player has to do before placing their first sports wager, you’ll have […]

Mike Warren Handicapper and Sports Service from the 90’s If you were a sports bettor or handicapper during the 1990s, then chances are that you’re familiar with Mike Warren. He was one of the biggest names in sports handicapping history at a time, and many people have won money on his picks, but plenty more […]

Jimmy the Greek Sports Oddsmaker One of the founding fathers of sports handicapping is Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder. As a teenager growing up in Ohio, Jimmy made close connections with the bookmakers around his town where he grew his affinity for the sports betting and handicapping world. In 1956, he moved to Las Vegas to […]

Jay Kornegay Westgate Sportsbook Las Vegas, Nevada The Westgate is considered to be Las Vegas’ Superbook, which originally opened in 1986 and is the largest sportsbook in the entire world. Referred to as a “Sports bettors playground” the Westgate Sportsbook in Las Vegas is second to none when it comes to their sportsbook and sports […]

Nate Silver FiveThirtyEight Gambling Predictions FiveThirtyEight is a polling aggregation website created by Nate Silver. It’s sometimes referred to as “538,” which is a reference to the number of electors in the United States electoral college, for those of you familiar with the voting system to decide the President of the United States. In July […]

ELO Ratings for Sports Handicapping The ELO ratings were originally developed as a means to calculate the relative skill level amongst two opposing competitors. It was originally designed for games like Chess, but has since been introduced to a multitude of other sports to use as a common rating system across various platforms. Since it’s […]

M Resort Sportsbook in Las Vegas, Nevada The M Resort is another one of these high end luxury boutique hotel and casinos located right on the Las Vegas strip. It was constructed by Anthony Marnell III, who is the son of one of Las Vegas royal family, Tony Marnell, who had a hand in developing […]

Wynn Las Vegas Sportsbook One of the finest hotels in all of Las Vegas that caters to the rich and famous is the Wynn. It’s a luxury hotel resort and casino located right on the strip in Las Vegas. The Wynn got its name from its developer, Steve Wynn, who also at least co-owns many […]

Bellagio Sportsbook One of the most scenic hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas strip is the Bellagio. Constructed in 1998, and owned by the MGM Resorts International. It was the brain child of one of Las Vegas’ finest, Steve Wynn, who has had a hand in many of Las Vegas’ biggest and best casinos […]

BetUSA For our bettors and clients living in the United States or North America, BetUSA is one of the absolute best casino gaming and sportsbook options available. They offer various betting options on every major American league such as the NFL, NBA, NCAAF, NCAAB, NHL, PGA, MMA, and anything else that you can make a […]

BetCRIS One of the biggest leaders in the international world of online sports wagering and sportsbooks is BetCRIS. Though not available to United States based clients, BetCRIS is a great option for any international clients who are looking for a new sportsbook to place your wagers with safely and securely online. With one of the […]

BetDSI Established in 1998 at the beginning of the online gambling craze, BetDSI has stood the test of time for almost two decades and delivered top quality online gambling and sports wagering services to many satisfied clients during that time. As one of the cornerstones of the online sports gambling world, BetDSI is one of […]

MGM Sportsbook One of the most famous and popular casinos and sportsbooks in the country is the MGM Sportsbook. Naturally, they’ve gained their great acclaim over the years partly due to the fact that the MGM hotel and casino has hosted some of the biggest boxing and betting events in the history of sports wagering. […]

Basketball Betting Advice Our NBA and college basketball department has been headed by our own basketball guru and industry Wise guy, Mike Wise for the last eight years. Since his first year in charge, Mike has taken our team to whole new heights with his award winning and documented weekly basketball picks, each and every […]

Sports Cash System There’s plenty of pretenders in today’s sports handicapping and picking world, and one of those pretenders is Sports Cash System. They’re nothing more than a marketing team who puts all of their resources into marketing, and spreading disinformation, instead of investing their resources into actually winning their clients money in sports wagers. […]

Sports Profit System – Why you should use our handicapping service In today’s modern era of sports handicapping services, there’s plenty of reputable and winning services, with dependable and talented pickers. However, for everyone one or two reputable services there are out there, there’s about five pretenders with losing picks. Here at Sports Information Traders, […]

Wise Guy Sports Betting Explained The “Wise Guys” in sports betting, or also known as the Sharps, are the professional ace pickers that have built up a reputation as being apart of the successful 5% of sports gamblers around the world to profit greatly and make their living from betting on sports. Many casinos and […]

Sharp Action Our team at Sports Information Traders is headed by our three headed monster of industry sharps, Jon Price, our founder and lead handicapper, Mike Wise who is the head of our NBA and College Basketball department, and Dave Michaels who leads our MLB department, respectively. Jon Price for many years would place bets […]

Bob Voulgaris Considered to be one of the best NBA and college basketball handicappers and successful sports gamblers in the world, Bob Voulgaris has claimed to hit around 70% winners in one NBA season. While we can’t verify that number, the buzz surrounding him is legitimate as he is a very successful gambler. However, our […]

Yahoo NCAA Football Odds Our friends over at Yahoo sports put out some great information for the common betting public on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis for every major american sport. Our in-house experts and analysts are always checking out Yahoo sports for latest updates on things like scores and odds updates, betting trends, […]

Yahoo MLB odds and picks 7/11/2016 –It’s the 2016 All Star Break now and now is the best time to regroup and come up with a plan to continue building your bankroll this season with the help of SIT Picks. Following the latest Major League Baseball Odds and point spread is important and knowing whne […]

Yahoo NFL Odds There’s plenty of great places to get your NFL odds updates each and every week during the NFL football season, and Yahoo Sports is among the best. Not only are Yahoo NFL Odds fast and reliable, but Yahoo also offers a plethora of other news on everything from scoring updates, injuries, odds, […]

Gamblers anonymous Help Gambling addiction is a very serious problem that effects tens of thousands of people in the United States, alone. Our team at Sports Information Traders operates with our most important rule in mind at all times, and that is to wager and play with discipline. We urge our clients to stick to […]

Online Gambling With sports gambling still being illegal everywhere in the United States except for Las Vegas, most bettors need to look far and wide to find a good reliable sportsbook to place their wagers with. Unless you’re one of the few common bettors who has access to a local bookie, you may need to […]

Sports Gambling Predictions Get your sports gambling predictions only from the best, like our team here at Sports Information Traders. Lead by national sports gambling icon and our lead handicapper, Jon Price, our services has ranked among the top three for online documented sports gambling predictions services for three of the last four years. Jon […]

Sports Gambling Help Whether you’re a common bettor just looking to make a few extra bucks on the weekend, or a seasoned pro with many years of experience betting successfully on Baseball, Basketball, football, soccer or any of the other major American sports throughout the year; Chance are that you can still use some solid […]

Pregame Picks (Pregame.com) Pregame.com is one of the best sources for up to the minute information about everything from scores, odds, injury reports, line movements, betting trends, latest news, and anything else you could imagine. For handicappers, it’s an essential tool to gathering information and assessing the board of games each and everyday before making […]

Moneyline Odds Explained The most popular bet in most sports is the point spread bet, which is a bet where a point handicap is applied to the favorite and underdog team accordingly and the payout is also adjust accordingly with the spread taken into account. Another form of bet which is slightly less popular is […]

Bookmaker Our winning team of industry sharps and analysts are the bookmakers worst nightmare. We live to beat Vegas and capitalize on their mistakes. Lead by our founder and lead handicapper, Jon Price, Sports Information Traders has grown into the juggernaut of the sports handicapping and picks against the spread industry. Our daily gamely reports […]

2015 Schedule for March Madness College Basketball Tournament THE BIG TOURNAMENT IN THE COUNTRY IS JUST A FEW WEEKS AWAY. We Guarantee you will make at least $5,000 if you follow our investment plays throughout the March Madness Tournament. Check out our in depth coverage and betting picks for the 2015 NCAA March Madness Tournament. […]

March Madness Picks Against the Spread Our college basketball department here at Sports Information Traders is lead by one of the top basketball minds in all of the country, Mike Wise. A handicapper who made a name for himself when he hit at 71% for the 2009 College Basketball season and exploded onto the scene, […]

The super bowl champion Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has been suspended and fined by the National Football League for his knowledge of deflating footballs for the AFC championship in January of 2015 against Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens. Rumors about a speeding ticket the following week have been refuted in Indiana.

Printable March Madness Bracket 2016 Sports Information Traders has your downloadable and printable March Madness Bracket 2016 right here for you to print and fill out for your office pool, or just for your own personal use. March is when everyone makes their money with our annual March Madness Betting Tips, and now you can […]

March Madness Bracket Each and every March madness you can get your March Madness Bracket right here at Sports Information Traders. Print out our blank bracket and fill it in yourself, or wait till selection Sunday when we release our updated bracket with all of the 64 teams and their seeds. Let us help you […]

March Madness Betting Tips March Madness is routinely one of the biggest chances for bettors to cash in in any sport throughout the whole year. Not often does so much action come available on the board in a short amount of time, and it’s imperative to capitalize on it accordingly when the time comes. Jon […]

March Madness Betting Tips Year to year, the March Madness NCAA Championship Tournament is routinely one of the hardest events to handicap in all of sports, but also the one which our team excels at. Jon Price, our founder and lead handicapper here at Sports Information Traders has had fellow industry sharp, Mike Wise, head […]

March Madness Predictions Sports Information Traders is the only place you need to go for all of your March Madness predictions and information this 2016 College Basketball Tournament. Everything you need to know about March Madness is provided right here. Check out the latest news, scores, schedules, brackets, march madness betting predictions, and game times […]

This Week NFL Picks This week and every week of the NFL season, Jon Price and his team here at Sports Information Traders are delivering the winners in a big way to our clients. Nobody does NFL like Jon Price, and the numbers support that… Over the last six seasons, Jon Price has averaged 64% […]

MLB Professional Picks I say it every Summer, that baseball and MLB are the biggest, well kept secrets in the entire world of sports handicapping. Plenty of sports handicapping services even shutdown during the summer because they’re not interested in handicapping baseball. That just means more money for us. Our baseball department is lead by […]

NFL.com Picks NFL.com is a great place to find all of your NFL news and updates…. From breaking news, injuries, scores, and any other crucial updates having to do with the NFL, then NFL.com is your place to be, however, if you’re looking for winning NFL picks, it’s about the last place you should go […]

NBA.com Picks Stop going to news and scores websites looking for winning picks. So many clients among today’s common betting public prefer to try to make their own NBA and Basketball picks by using subpar resources like NBA.com or ESPN.com. That’s the easiest way to lose your bankroll as fast as possible when betting in […]

MLB.com Picks If you’re wasting time looking for your winning baseball picks each and everyday on MLB.com Picks, then no wonder why you’re losing. MLB.com is for scores and news updates, it’s not the place you should be going to find out where to put your bankroll on each night. If you’re looking for winning […]

NFL Spread The NFL is far and away the most popular American sport not only among the common fan, but also among the common betting public. With that popularity also comes extra scrutiny from the sportsbooks in Las Vegas. They dedicate more resources to analyzing and handicapping NFL more than any other sport, because it’s […]

NFL Bleacher Report Plays The Bleacher Report is a great place to find up to the minute sports betting news, injuries, scores, and updates. With a lot of great insight and plenty of content added daily, Bleacher Report is one of the best tools any sports fan or sports bettor can have in their arsenal. […]

NFL Confidence Pool Picks Explained The NFL is by far the most popular sport in America, not only amongst common fans, but also amongst sports bettors. And with this popularity has come a whole collection of new ways for fans to take part in the season with various pick ’em leagues and the new latest […]

With so many ways to wager on today’s sporting events, how does a handicapper choose where to place his or her money? Well, there is no real right or wrong answer. It all depends on the bettors comfort level, and return expectations.   Two of the most popular betting options available however, are either wagering […]

MLB Picks Straight Up Update September 8, 2016 — Major League Baseballs last month of the season is enduring and competitive. Teams are vying for the wild card and last slots available to make the playoffs. As long as a team is still in the hunt there are things you need to pay attention to […]

Just to make sure our elite clientele does not get confused. We like to clear things up. We are not the Sports Traders website sportstraders.com we are the Legendary Sports Information Traders led by professional gambler Jon Price. Our toll free phone number and sign up form is above and you can reach us anytime […]

Four betting assumptions that will get handicappers in trouble When wagering on any sport, it is important that bettors make their decisions based on facts and statistics, not on hunches and assumptions. If they do, they will likely find themselves losing more bets than they win.   To help sports handicappers avoid that pitfall whether […]

2016 Daily NBA Picks Straight Up After making thousands of dollars by the end of 2015, the 2016 NBA Basketball season is a very profitable opportunity for sports bettors and investors who join the legend Jon Price of sports information traders. Known as the Vegas Dave of Beverly Hills but all the more successful. Making […]

NFL Picks Straight Up NFL is still king among the world’s betting community, and nobody knows how to pick the NFL picks straight up quite like our own lead handicapper and NFL guru, Jon Price. Mr. Price has gained great acclaim for his famous NFL picking formula over the years which has gained him notoriety […]

Baseball Picks Against the Spread One of the most undervalued sports in all of sports betting and handicapping is baseball. Our Baseball picks against the spread have helped our clients make a killing all through the summer months over the last decade, putting themselves in position to really have some fun when the NFL and […]

Free Sports Picks Against the Spread Our team of industry sharps here at Sports Information Traders has only the best quality information and free sports picks against the spread. Our three headed monster of industry sharps: Jon Price, Dave Michaels, and Mike Wise are are all considered to be at the leading edge of the […]

Betting Tips for Wagering on the underdog No matter what sport a handicapper is betting on, heavy underdogs, although risky at times, can offer potentially large payouts. We help Football, Baseball, and College Sports Bettors to get that extra edge to beat out the bookmakers and make that extra income that is so desired with […]

CBS Sports Picks Against the Spread Stop wasting your time with the talking heads on TV and their useless sports picks. If you’re listening to ESPN, NBC, or CBS sports picks against the spread, no wonder you’re losing! Their so called “experts” know nothing about picking sports games. They even have some former players on […]

Free Sport Bet Picks Sports Information Traders’ free sport bet picks are our weekly promotion that enables all new clients to sample our award winning, industry leading service for absolutely free. Get in on one of our top picks of the day by signing up above and let a real professional service show you what […]

Free Guaranteed Sports Picks Each and every week our team here at Sports Information Traders opens our doors for all new clients to try our service with no upfront obligation. And our free picks aren’t some bottom of the barrel throwaway picks from the intern, we give you our absolute best, premium quality picks that […]

Betting on baseball’s alternate runline Baseball offers a variety of wagering options, but one that seems to be ignored by the majority baseball handicappers is betting on the runline and more importantly — the alternate runline. The runline in baseball betting is a moneyline with a spread of +1.5 runs, meaning the favorite has to […]

Michael Osborne Las Vega Twitter Handle: @betwithmeyouknowigotit Michael Osborne a Las Vegas Sports Bettor with the Twitter Handle: @betwithmeyouknowigotit is one who posts tickets and predictions of his wagers at the Hooters Hotel, Casino, and Sportsbook which utilizes William Hill the largest sports betting company in the world. His main competitor is baseball handicapper @itsvegasdave […]

Best Sports Handicapper of All Time When people start to discuss the best sports handicappers of all time, you’ll hear them throw out the usual suspects like Jimmy “The Greek,” Stu Feiner, or Johnny C, but the one thing those handicappers all have in common, is that they were never documented. They talk all day […]

Who is the Best Sports Handicapper in the World Every sports gambling enthusiasts has wondered at some point, who is the best sports handicapper in the world and how can I get their picks? Now I’m sure that there’s handicappers out there who claim 70 or even 80% winners, but that’s just not feasible. Here […]