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Monthly Archives: June 2015

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Sports Investing Forum from Sports Information Traders provides the most in depth stories, news, picks, odds, and more every day for our readers. For the most up to date articles and Sports Investing Forum for your digestion read any of our numerous articles below from our top sports writers and journalists. If you’d like to start making money betting on sports then sign up today and work directly with the Sports Betting Legend Jon Price himself. Visit our homepage SportsInformationTraders.com to see what the latest packages available are and start a trial today to start profiting from our sports betting advice.

Sports Investing Forum If you’re a seasoned bettor who places sports wagers each and everyday, then it’s likely that you do a fair amount of research and preparation each day for your picks. Many of these everyday bettors use various sources, some of which are online sports investing forums. This is a huge mistake that […]

Sports Investing Profiting from Point Spreads In terms of biggest payout for a single game bet, nothing maximizes your wager with the largest possible payout than a play on the point spread of a game. Unless you’re wagering on the moneyline of an underdog pick, or a multi-team parlay, the best odds vs payout combination […]

Steam Plays – Steam Move Betting Plays A steam move is a sudden, drastic line movement across all sportsbooks for a particular game. This is usually the result of a coordinated move by a large betting syndicate spread out across multiple sportsbooks, or by a whale player who has spread out his bet amongst runners […]

ATS Sportsline One of our competitors each and every year is ATS Sportsline handicapping service. While we’ve finished ahead of them in the final records for online documented sports services for 4 of the last 5 years, they are by most accounts a somewhat reputable service. However, being reputable doesn’t always equal winners. They’ve routinely […]

Sports Chat Place A good place for bettors and handicappers to gather and discuss the coming sports betting action, however not the best place to seek out your daily sports picks. Much like other sports betting forums like Covers and Reddit’s subbreddit dedicated to sports gambling, most of the supposed experts touting about their play […]

2015 NFL Season Win Betting Totals Las Vegas’ Sportsbooks’ Regular Season NFL Win Total Odds Futures Team 2015 Season Win Total Lines Arizona Cardinals 8.5 Atlanta Falcons 8.5 Baltimore Ravens 9 Buffalo Bills 8.5 Carolina Panthers 8.5 Chicago Bears 7 Cincinnati Bengals 8.5 Cleveland Browns 6.5 Dallas Cowboys 9.5 Denver Broncos 10.5 Detroit Lions 8.5 […]

NFL Odds Week 1 – Week One NFL Football Odds NFL Game Odds 9/10 – 9/14, 2015   Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog Total Money Odds 9/10 8:30 ET At New England    -2.5 Pittsburgh 49 -$135 +$115 9/13 1:00 ET Green Bay    -5 At Chicago 50.5 -$220 +$190 9/13 1:00 ET At Houston    -1.5 […]

Mr. Price is the lead sports picker and handicapper for Sports Information Traders. A service that provides reputable sports betting advice on all of the major betting sports from around the world. ATS Sports Betting Sports Information Traders is regularly ranked as the top online documented service for sports betting picks against the spread because […]

NCAA Basketball Schedules Here at Sports Information Traders we’re not just an all in one resource for you to make your winning College basketball picks each and every week throughout the basketball season. It’s also a place where you can get all of your news, scores and odds, betting trends, late breaking updates, and schedules […]

College Football Schedules Each and every summer when the NCAAF College football schedule is released, Jon Price and his team here at Sports Information Traders are among the very first people to receive it hot off the presses before any other service. We’re not just one of the best places to receive your daily winning […]

WHIP Baseball In baseball stats, the WHIP is the walks plus hits per inning pitched. It’s essentially a way of measuring the number of baserunners a pitcher allows per each inning pitched. Considering that the WHIP reflects a pitcher’s ability to keep hitters off the bases, the lower a WHIP stat indicates a better performance […]

NBA Schedules Sportsinformationtraders.com isn’t just the first and only place you should visit for your daily winning NBA and college basketball picks, but we also are a one-stop shop for all of your betting info needs. Stay tuned here for everything you may need to know, like news, scores and odds, betting trends, late breaking […]

Cricket Betting in Australia Without a doubt, cricket is one of the biggest sports in Australia. The Baggy Green, a cap worn by players who have the chance to represent Australia at Test Cricket, is now a symbol of national pride in the country. There a number of big cricket tournaments played in Australia, including […]

NFL Schedules Sports Information Traders isn’t just an all in one resource for you to make your winning NFL football picks each and every week throughout the football season. It’s also a place where you can get all of your news, scores and odds, betting trends, late breaking updates, and schedules from every NFL football […]

NCAA Basketball Power Rankings During the early goings of the college basketball season, professional sports handicappers and bettors, alike, all scramble to prepare for another long season of games. Most handicappers are building their team profiles, and reports in hopes of getting their finger on the pulse of teams early and keeping it throughout the […]

College Football Power Rankings In a sport like College Football where there’s such an extraordinary number of teams to keep track of, it’s necessary to use tools like betting trends and weekly power rankings when deciding your picks for the week. No matter if you’re a seasoned professional handicapper or completely new to betting, the […]

Cricket Betting in Europe While cricket can be found being played in most countries throughout Europe, it’s most deeply rooted in England’s sports culture. Historically, England is one of the top cricket playing nations in the world and therefore still stand above the other cricketing nations of Europe. Indeed, the very origins of cricket itself […]

NFL Power Rankings The one sport where the power rankings probably hold the least relevance to making successful sports wagers is probably the NFL. No matter if you’re a seasoned bettor or a veteran professional capper, the NFL power rankings don’t work as well as a betting tool like they do in some other sports […]

MLB Power Rankings In a sport with as many games on a daily and weekly basis such as major league baseball, power rankings are a good reflection of the ever-changing landscape and also help provide bettors with the insight of who’s hot and who’s not. Baseball is routinely one of the hardest sports to handicap […]

Cricket Betting in India Cricket is vastly becoming one of the newest betting options for sports bettors all over the world. The popularity of the sport is ever-increasing and so too are the number of wagers. Players, such as Sachin Tendulkar, are given a god-like status in the country and some of the biggest tournaments […]

NBA Power Rankings Sports Information Traders is your all-in-one sports betting resource, but we don’t stop there. Our team offers everything from news, injury updates, betting trends, scores and odds, and even power rankings in all of your favorite, major American leagues. Our NBA power rankings are introduced weekly and outline the landscape of the […]

Best Cricket Handicapper or Punter Our founder and lead handicapper here at Sports Information Traders has always said that no one sports handicapping sharp can beat a whole team of them, which is evident by his team’s success over the last six years. Jon Price is partnered with some of the most respected sports wagering […]

John Mastronardo One of the most infamous and successful bookmakers in history also turned out to be a tragic story. John Mastronardo once was America’s premier sports bookmaker, with a global network that accepted bets from some of the largest players in the world. But his story took a turn for the worse when John […]

How To Bet on Boxing Matches and Make Money Betting popular boxing matches are one of the more difficult sports to wager on for the common betting public who views gambling more as a hobby than a profession. In so many title fights in today’s boxing world, there’s usually a fairly clear cut favorite that […]

Delta in Sports Gambling The delta is a term used by professional sports gamblers and handicappers to describe the value in a play. Essentially it’s the difference between what the Las Vegas bookmakers set the line to be, and what the bettors think the point spread should be. To better understand this, we’ll use an […]

Tennis Betting Tips A sport like tennis isn’t very popular in the world of sports wagering like some of the more common suspects like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, and cricket, but it should be considering all the chances to cash in on each match. Tennis has way more options to place wagers on than […]

Football Betting Guide Sports Information Traders is ranked consistently among the world’s best NFL pickers because we spare no expense in delivering you the highest quality information on a daily and weekly basis. There’s plenty of different tips that professional handicappers use when advising their clients to wager on football, but above all else, no […]

Basketball Betting Guide Sports Information Traders offers only the best in basketball betting information on a daily and weekly basis. Our NBA and college basketball department has been headed by our own basketball guru and industry Wise Guy, Mike Wise for the last eight years. Since his first year in charge, Mike has taken our […]

Hockey Betting Guide NHL is one of the less appreciated sports in the sports betting world, particularly in the United States. But as we always tell our clients, it’s not about the shape of the ball or whether you enjoy watching the sport, it’s all about the money that goes into your bankroll at the […]

Baseball Betting Guide Baseball and MLB is regularly one of the most undervalued sports in all of sports betting and handicapping is baseball. Our Baseball betting tips have helped our clients make a killing all through the summer months over the last decade, putting themselves in position to really have some fun when the NFL […]

How to Read Betting Odds Before placing your first sports wager on a game, there’s a few fundamental things you must understand in order to properly know what you’re betting on and the potential payout you stand to receive from your wager. Reading and understanding the odds of a play is crucial to knowing which […]

Baseball Wagering Strategies Baseball employs a unique betting strategy for many people that you must know how to use to your advantage in order to cash in on it. While both pro and college basketball, and pro and college football games both usually have more bets placed on the point spread play, baseball is the […]

Basketball Wagering Strategies Much like baseball, basketball gives us many games to choose from each and every night, for each week of the active season. With so many games to choose from comes multiple options for how you can approach your betting strategy for basketball. As we mention with every sport in sports wagering, never […]

Pick ’em Definition for Sports Wagering When a game is labeled “PK” or Pick ‘em, it’s essentially saying that there is no point handicap for that play and that the teams are evenly matched. In these particular scenarios, the better can simply choose what team he believes will win the game outright, as there is […]