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January 7th, 2017 is when the NFL Playoffs officially begin. Offshore Sportsbooks and Las Vegas, Nevada casinos have their Super Bowl Futures finalized. As of right now the New England Patriots are +190 to win it all this year. The second most favored team is Americas Team the Dallas Cowboys at +400. The Green Bay Packers are right behind them at +700 and from there it’s a pretty big drop off on who the oddsmakers think will win the super bowl.

The Pittsburgh Steelers with Ben Roethlisburger are +800, the red hot Kansas City Chiefs are +900, the Atlanta Falcons are +950, the Seattle Seahawks are +1400, the New York Giants are +1400, Oakland Raiders who are missing their star Quarterback have fallen out of favor at +6600, the Detroit Lions, the Miami Dolphins, and Houston Texans are all at +6600.

After a season with no big highlights and Brady missing the first four games of which New England showcased that they can not only win but blow out (Sorry Houston Texan Fans) competitors without their all star quarterback makes it an easy bet to place on Gronk and the Patriots. After finishing the season at 14-2 and winning their last 7 games and getting a week of rest to study tapes and come back strong with little competition expected to beat them out.

From the NFC the Cowboys are expected to head to the big game and if we have a Dallas Cowboys New England Patriots Super Bowl in Houston this year expect sky high tickets. Dak Prescott, that troubled wide receiver, and Ezekiel Elliott led an impressive 13-3 season this year and are the only formidabble contender heading into week 1 of the NFL playoffs.  The Green Bay Packers, Steelers, and Seahawks have playoff experience that will help tremendously but expect a tough road ahead as each team struggled on and off this season.

Aaron Rodgers is a wild card after a rough start to the season but finished strong with some big blowouts and a final Sunday Game win over the Detroit Lions finishing with 6 straight wins to offset his 4-6 start. The Raiders as we mentioned are out of luck with Derek Carr out but the Miami Dolphins missing Ryan Tannehill may not be so bad as Moore may surprise and make a small playoff run. The Texans are just in troubled with Brock Osweiler being benched the final week of the season but ended up playing after Tom Savage became an injured “Savage” and this will be a game of who gets to eek by the first round when they play Oakland.

Official Super Bowl Futures Below Courtesy of the Las Vegas Westgate Sportsboook:

Odds to Win Super Bowl LI
Team Current Odds
New England Patriots +190
Dallas Cowboys +400
Green Bay Packers +700
Pittsburgh Steelers +800
Kansas City Chiefs +900
Atlanta Falcons +950
Seattle Seahawks +1400
New York Giants +1400
Oakland Raiders +6600
Detroit Lions +6600
Houston Texans +6600
Miami Dolphins +6600
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