"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Investors and Members of the Sports Information Traders Betting Community:

Sports Information Traders was never and will never be chugging along at a moderate standard, our ethos is to work hard as hell and to achieve a standard that is extraordinarily higher than than what the typical investor and sports bettor would derive as satisfaction. This comes as a result of achieving what others deem a super-achievement and improbable.
Our underlining objective of excellent sports betting performance and constant improvement, in all apects to grow as a superb company in all respects down to how we treat our clients to how we manage results with a low alpha.
Conflicts internally or externally is a wonderful thing. This allows us to grow and mature with our transparent internal protocols amongst our staff of some of the brightest and hard working minds in the sports betting industry. There is no hierarchy based on age or seniority here. The power lies in the stats and numbers and with logical reasoning behind it not the position or time the individual has been employed here at Sports Information Traders. The best analysis and ideas win no matter who delivers them.
Critics internally and externally is essential to my success and is a potent part of the process that needs to be handled correctly otherwise the results can be harmful to our overall output. Everything here is handled objectively and criticsm is welcomed by all. When we went 17-3 in College Football Season it was just as important to take the praise as it was the criticism so that I can continue to improve and when we went 2-8 in NFL this past season it was even more important for us to address the criticism and skeptics and to internally improve without the discretionary of hierarchy.
Teanwork from some of the most disciplined colleagues of mine Dave Michaels and Curt Presley are essential and the discipline of intolerance of underperformance over the long run. We have a responsibility here as we grow our client base to recognize our responsibilites to help the team members and clients to achieve their goals and our willingness to help others within our group to acheive these common goals. Our fate is certainly intertwined and one should understand that we can call on each other for help to ensure we achieve these goals. Sub par performance here at Sports Information Traders cannot and will not be tolerated as it negatively affects everyone.
We strive to keep our team members over the long run as strong performance metrics is only one factor that helps to build our sports betting family. Family in the workplace setting and at home is intrisically gratifying and efficient and is built over years of innovation through trial and error. Each training of a new employee requires significant setbacks and hurdles to our end goals.
This part our clients love more than I do as money is a byproduct of our excellent and it is not our end goal. Myself and the S.I.T. team is excellence and constant improvements year over year. Day by Day. To be very transparent with you. It is not to just make a lot of money that is jut an extension of what happens when you are with us for years. You should expect to make a lot and not have to worry about your satisfaction based on how much money you have. Operating consistently with this philosophy helps productivity and we continue to achieve great success.
Each and every employee whether they have a PH.D. or a Mathematics degree shall act like an owner and are responsible for adhering to our principles that we have derived from the most successful and our ways.

Let us have another lucrative March Madness and 2018,

Jon Price

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