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50/50 Raffle at Sport Events

50/50 raffle at sport eventsA new trend developing at sporting events across the country are the new fan promotions. Things like half court shots and free-throw contests, or even 50/50 Raffles at sport events are now becoming more and more common place. They offer various prizes ranging from new cars to shirts to free tickets. But let’s be real, your odds of winning one of those 50/50 raffles are far worse than placing a hefty wager on the game, and winning enough money to buy yourself your own new car.

At Sports Information Traders our team is all about turning information and plain data into winning information. Our staff works around the clock to make sure that our clients are among the most prepared in all of the sports betting world. In a 50/50 raffles where your odds are anywhere from 40,000 to 1 or even 70,000 to 1, the odds are clearly not looking good to take home any of those prizes. So screw their little fan promotions, we’ve got a fan promotion of our own. It’s our free weekly promotional play and it’ll help you win more than any sporting event contest.

Raffles and games for fans are fun, but they’re not about winning consistent daily money like we are here at Sports Information Traders. We eat sleep and breathe sports everyday and deliver the best possible information to our clients. Even more important than winning in sports betting is the ability to maximize your wins and minimize your losses. You can win three small plays one day, but lose your big play that same day and still be in the negative. While the opposite is also true, you can lose the majority of your plays any given day but as long as you win your max bet, then you’ll end up a winner on the day. With weekly Football Locks and daily sports betting tips you can learn how to profitably wager against the spread on different sports despite the size, shape, or color of the ball.

Jon Price along with his team of industry sharps… Mike Wise who heads the basketball both pro and college department, and Dave Michaels who is our industry MLB expert with all the winners from the baseball diamond. We have every angle covered and make sure our clients are among the most prepared each and every day of every sports betting season. Get in the door now and join a real winner. There’s guaranteed winners each and everyday, don’t hesitate and miss out on another chance to cash in on our sports betting picks against the spread.Sign up above for our free weekly promotional play and let us show you where the real winning is at. Let us start by helping to get you on the winning side starting TODAY!

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