"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

The Number 8 in gambling is superstitiously lucky for Chinese gamblers because it sounds like the word “Prosperity”. The number 4 however is very unlucky. Mandarin (Ding) and Cantonese (Deng) speaking sports bettors like to wager on things representative of 8’s. The words Ding and Deng means good cards and the lucky number is always 8. The phone number to Sports Information Traders starts with the lucky number 8 and our company has made many members of the Chinese community a lot of money.

Gambling superstitions are alive and well but when it comes to Chinese bettors it’s a guarantee. For example the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada used to have a giant lion outside that you could walk under to get in. The big gamblers from Mainland China were afraid of its curse and bad luck and thus didn’t gamble there. The unlucky number of 4 is avoided at all costs as it sounds like the word “death”.

Other habits that Chinese Gamblers tend to abide by are: Wearing red to gamble. Red is their favorite color and is considered lucky. The Wynn Las Vegas and Encore casinos are adorned in the color red. Red is representative of joy and good fortune. Entering the casino with good Feng Shui is important. What is avoided however is talking about books that you’ve read pertainijng to gambling and touching the shoulder of a gambler. In fact any book mention is negative as the word sounds like American word for “Lose”.

Washing your hands and changing the overall feng shui of your gambling run is another big Chinese gambling superstition.

Other instances in a Casino where the number 8 is relevant range from Baccarat to Blackjack, Craps, and the Roulette wheel.

Finally something that may seem out to Westerners but for females to gamble when on their period is said to be good luck oh and no sex before gambling especially if its that time of the month.

Chinese Translation Below:



中國賭徒傾向於遵守的其他習慣是:穿紅色的賭博。紅色是他們最喜歡的顏色,被認為是幸運的。 Wynn拉斯維加斯和Encore賭場裝飾的顏色紅色。紅色是喜悅和好運的代表。進入有良好風水的賭場很重要。然而,避免的是談論你讀過的書籍賭博和触摸賭徒的肩膀。事實上,任何書的提法都是負面的,因為這個詞聽起來像是“失去”的美國詞。