"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

AI Powered Sports Betting SystemIt seems like regardless of the industry, the latest craze and hype is all surrounding artificial intelligence and how it’s going to dramatically shape the world we live in. Sports betting is no exception, as there have been a number of companies trying to devise computers make winning sports picks against the spread. As someone who has been towards the top of the industry for over 20 years, Jon Price knows that anything a computer produces lacks the necessary intangible information needed to pick consistent sports winners.


It boils down to the simple fact that on a very fundamental level, computers only think in black and white, and in numbers for computing algorithms. While you can make these algorithms complicated enough to perform extremely complex tasks and even incorporate an computer’s own ability to learn new information, but they will always lack the human element of being able to read the game of sports beyond the numbers or stats of the game. Jon Price has been around the sports handicapping industry since before the turn of the century, and he’s seen every wise guy with their latest sports picking software that’s supposed to revolutionize the way that sports are picked and bet on, but not a single one has ever panned out to be more than just another scam idea by a less than reputable service trying to stir up interest in their service. This isn’t about typing stats into a computer and having it tell you the outcome of the game, it’s about strategical betting and investing in a way that maximizes your potential winning profits while minimizing the risk you’ll be taking. It takes years of experience and understanding the elements that can’t be taken into by a computer, like the weather that day, or home field advantage, or something as important as momentum which plays such a significant role in determining the outcome of sports contests.


Whether it was the iWIN software from the early 2000s, or this latest artificial intelligence that’s supposed to eliminate the need for professional handicappers, it’s nothing more than a pipe dream, and has no basis in reality. Our own lead handicapper and famed sports bettor Jon Price is more gifted at picking winners than any computer will ever be. Picking sports is far more than just crunching the numbers and basing your pick on the calculations. It’s about sustained and strategical investing of your bankroll by making informed wagers on various sporting events. With people like Jon Price, Dave Michaels, and Curt Presely on your team doing all the dirty work for you, your only concern should be watch snack you want to enjoy while watching the game.


Don’t hesitate, get in the door now with Jon Price from Sports Information Traders and leave the scammers and their artificial intelligence alone. If you want to win real money and increase your bankroll through wagering on sports then this is the right place to start. Sign up now on our homepage and let us get you on the path to winning today!

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