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Baseball Betting Advice

baseball betting adviceEvery sport requires its own unique approach to wagering and none are more unique than Baseball and MLB. In the sport where the money line is by far the most popular play, making the run line practically obsolete, Sports Information Trades is here to share some more Baseball Betting Advice with you on how to be successful at wagering on baseball.

The most important part of any investors successful formula when betting in baseball is DISCIPLINE. With 30 teams playing 162 games each season, there’s a whole bounty of plays to choose from every night, but a successful, disciplined investor knows how to wait for only the highest quality plays and capitalize on them accordingly. Many bettors love to spread out their wagers, or “Spread out the fun,” as it’s been called. But logistically speaking, going 2-1 is worse than going 1-0 because of the fee paid for juice. Many bettors and sometimes even bad handicappers seem to not understand this rule, so they load up their clients with 5 or more games, hoping that the client will be more swayed by a number of winners, and ignoring that they didn’t come out on top much due to the heavy juice fee caused by playing so many games.

That’s also where the second most important part of any sports investment comes into play, MONEY MANAGEMENT. You can win 70% of your games, but if they’re all small wagers, you’re not going to be building your bankroll anytime soon. Money management could also be termed, “Risk Management” because it’s all about weighing the risk, and maximizing your wagers on the strongest information and plays. This is easier said than done, and is a hallmark of professional handicappers around the world. Maximizing the lock plays, and minimizing the risk on lower valued plays is the foundation of a successful sports investment strategy. But how you determine a play’s value is what separates the industry professionals from the weekend warriors.

Gathering, organizing, and translating all the variables and data into quality game reports, and ultimately, Winners, is the role of a professional sports service like our team here at Sports Information Traders. It takes an entire army of analysts and scouts to implement the accurate rating system we apply to each and every play, every single day to come up with its value. It’s this proprietary system that tells us what plays to go strong on, and which plays to place small, safe wagers on. Obviously losing happens, even the highest rated of plays misses from time to time, but over the course of an entire season of consistent winning, you can quickly build a very strong investment portfolio and bankroll to work with.

So stop losing money on poor investments by trying to do what the pros do, but without the proper resources. Sign up today and let us show you the ins-and-outs of betting on MLB and how to be a successful baseball handicapper.