"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Baseball Picks Against the Spread

baseball picks against the spreadOne of the most undervalued sports in all of sports betting and handicapping is baseball. Our Baseball picks against the spread have helped our clients make a killing all through the summer months over the last decade, putting themselves in position to really have some fun when the NFL and NCAAF arrive in the Fall. MLB is so disrespected amongst the handicapping community that many services even close their doors for the summer months. You’ll never find our team at Sports Information Traders taking off the summer, there’s money to be made!

Similar to how the sportsbooks employ more staff and resources to handicap football, NFL, NCAAF, etc because they’re among the most popular sports for bettors, they also cut back some on their resources during the summer when it’s only time for Baseball. This leaves a huge opportunity for those that are still playing and making picks. With so many games to choose from each day, baseball is one of the easiest sports in America to pick out at least one beautiful gem of a play each and every day.

The Summer of winning and Baseball picks against the spread starts here. Get in with Mike Wise and Dave Michaels, our two MLB specialists, as they dominate through the summer and into the Fall. Our founder and lead sports handicapper Jon Price is world renowned for both his own knowledge of sports and profiting from them on a daily basis, and also his team that he’s assembled. Along with Dave Michaels and Mike Wise, Sports Information Traders is the standard for handicappers available online. One of the first world famous sports bettors, Jon Price has been sharing his baseball picks against the spread for over twenty years now, and has help his clients win well over $100 million dollars during that time, including a few multi million dollar wages of his own that he’s won in impressive fashion and grabbed national headlines for.

Jon Price is what sets our team here at Sports Information Traders far apart from our competition. Nobody can tout the kind of record and sustained success he’s had over the last two decades, as he continues to beat the book makers in Las Vegas as their own game and pick winners on a daily basis at a rate that few can even come close to. Let us help you build your bankroll on a daily basis through displayed and strategical investing that will help you learn how to take advantage of the moneyline in MLB to maximize on your profits. It all starts here, sign up today and join a winning team this summer for your Baseball wagers.