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Baseball Wagering Strategies

Baseball employs a unique betting strategy for many people that you must know how to use to your advantage in order to cash in on it. While both pro and college basketball, and pro and college football games both usually have more bets placed on the point spread play, baseball is the only one in which the moneyline play is by far the most popular and smartest wager a player can make.

In a game like baseball where the margin of victory usually isn’t much, and the margin between a great team and a miserable one can still only equate to a one run difference, bettors and handicappers have learned that it’s a far better strategy to bet on the moneyline in baseball as opposed to the point spread which is always set at 1.5 runs for games.

Unless you have a great read on a game and you like the odds and payout, and you’re very confident that the team will blow the other out, than the moneyline is usually your best and most strategical wager. Betting on the total is also a great way to increase your bankroll. If you can lock in on a pitcher and know what kind of day they’re going to have, the run totals can be every bit as effective as betting the moneyline, in increasing your bankroll through the course of the baseball season.

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