"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Basketball Betting Guide

Basketball Betting GuideSports Information Traders offers only the best in basketball betting information on a daily and weekly basis. Our NBA and college basketball department has been headed by our own basketball guru and industry Wise Guy, Mike Wise for the last eight years. Since his first year in charge, Mike has taken our team to whole new heights with his award winning and documented weekly basketball picks, each and every NBA or College Basketball Season. His Basketball betting advice is worth its weight in gold and is one of the most sought after pieces of information in the whole sports betting world.

Mike Wise made his name over the last twenty years by being the first picker to pick over 70% of documented winners for an entire NBA season. And he then repeated that feet again in 2007. Just to give you an idea of how mind boggling that 70% winners is, remember that most common bettors win only around 20% to 30% of their daily wagers. But we’re not the common betting public… Mike Wise is a basketball sharp in a league of his own.

With the right people on your side, one NBA season is more than enough to build a healthy and steady bankroll throughout the NBA Regular season and playoffs. The playoffs particularly are a great time to capitalize on the NBA games, as our own Mike Wise seems to rise to the occasion when its needed the most. As with most sports, basketball offers enough games each day that you can usually find at least one gem of a play everyday to capitalize on. Our strategy is not to spread out the money and place it on as much action as possible, instead it’s to load up on only the absolute best odds available on the board of games from each day. Even those plays are bound to lose somedays, but don’t compound your mistake by placing more wagers, just prepare for the next day’s action and get it back. That’s how to be a successful sports gambler in basketball, and any other sport you wager on.

This is your chance to join a proven winner with documented results and real profits for our clients in their sports investments. Don’t take our word for it… Sign up today for a free promotional NBA or College Basketball pick and let our team show you why we’re consistently ranked among the best and most reputable sports picking services online with no upfront obligation to you. This is your chance, don’t delay! Let Mike Wise and his staff help get you on the winning side today!