Basketball Betting Picks

Basketball Betting Picks

basketball betting picksWith both College and Professional Basketball being such a big ticket draw in the world of sports investing, it helps that there’s literally hundreds of games played each week on the basketball court to choose from. One of the core principals in sports wagering is that the more games on the board, the better value there is to be had.

With Vegas posting spreads and totals on that many games through the course of a single week, there’s always a gem or two you can find if you know what to look for. That being said, pinpointing these lock games is much easier said than done. It’s our team’s job to weed out the fluff and deliver these undisputed lock plays to our clients each and every week. Through data analysis and our own proprietary system, we’ve fine tuned our formula to accurately and consistently spot these high value plays.

Average public bettors, known as “Squares,” tend to predominately bet on favorites, or bet with their emotion by picking their favorite team. So while the public favorite can be a good factor in gauging public perception and getting a larger perspective, it’s the “Sharps” in the industry that you need to pay attention to. The Sharps are the smart money that moves a line by a full point sometimes depending on the action. When a line makes a big jump, you can bet that a Sharp, or a group of them placed a very large wager on the game, large enough to influence the entire line for the game and adjust it accordingly. The trick to being a successful square bettor is finding out how to read where the smart Sharp money is going on any given play, and it’s not always as obvious as watching the big line moves, and even when the line does make a big move, it’s up to the bettor to figure out who’s moving the line.

One of the most important variables in Basketball Betting Picks, and any sports picks for that matter, is knowing when to go against the public, when to back them, and most importantly, what the Sharps are doing with their wagers. Being able to read the lines and the betting trends, and knowing when the industry sharps are going strong on a play is all information that is crucial to winning consistently and winning BIG in the realm of sports investing.

Nobody’s done it better than Mike Wise and his Basketball Department here at We’ve averaged 64% winners over the better half of the last decade, ever since Mike joined us and took head of our Hoops dept. Get in today on our premium Basketball Betting Picks and let Mike and his team show you the ins-and-outs of the industry insiders, and how to profit in betting basketball on a daily basis.

Legend Jon Price has also made headlines and as he made some of the biggest sports picks of the century live on the radio to all of those listening. Don’t get left behind and grow your bankroll with sports information traders help.

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