Best NFL Quarterback Rankings

No position in professional football gets more attention than the quarterback. NFL quarterbacks are not just the leader of the offense: Hours of preparation, practice, and simulation each week harden quarterbacks to take on any opponent. In a split-second, they are forced to make play calls, running, and passing that can lead to incredible gains or catastrophic turnovers. When putting together your daily fantasy lineup or betting on individual games, you want to make sure you have your money on the best NFL quarterbacks in the league. Finding the most consistent leaders each week is a matter of understanding the numbers, including trends, statistics, and the strength of their opponents. While Sports Information Traders provides expert NFL sports betting picks each week, having your own research can help you make the best picks. Here’s our list of the top NFL quarterbacks to watch in 2021.

NFL Quarterback Rankings

To make our picks for the top 10 NFL quarterbacks, we considered three factors:
  • 2020 year-long statistics
  • Performance through week four 2021
  • League experience
Quarterbacks can get sidelined at any time due to injuries or illness, which is why it’s important to stay on top of NFL sports betting news each week. However, this group of distinguished leaders continue to establish themselves as the best in the league. Looking ahead, these are our NFL quarterback rankings you need to consider in 2021.

Tom Brady

The ageless Tom Brady isn’t at the top of our list because of his seven world champion trophies. Year over year, the leader of Tampa Bay has established himself as one of the top NFL quarterbacks of all time. 2021 should be no different: So far, the 21-season veteran is among the leaders in pass yards, pass attempts, and completions. With numerous targets available, look for Brady to stay on top of the game throughout the year.

Patrick Mahomes

It’s hard to believe that Patrick Mahomes has only started in Kansas City for only three years. After winning a championship ring in his second season, Mahomes has established himself as a dangerous threat on the ground and in the air. In 2020, he threw for over 5,000 yards and 42 touchdowns, and he’s on track to match those numbers this year. No matter who he is playing, Mahomes is always a quarterback to watch.

Kyler Murray

Made famous for the “Hail Murray” pass in 2020, Kyler Murray is building a case to be considered among the top NFL quarterbacks each week. Last season, Murray scored a total of 36 touchdowns with nearly 4,000 passing yards and over 800 running yards. This year, he’s thrown for over 1,200 yards through four weeks, with 9.5 average yards per throwing attempt. This dual-threat quarterback should always be up for consideration.

Josh Allen

In 2020, Josh Allen was among the top quarterbacks in the NFL, throwing for 4,544 yards and 42 touchdowns. In 2021, the Buffalo signal caller is proving his breakout was not a fluke. With over 1,000 yards on the 2021 season and nine touchdowns, there is nothing but upside for the four-year veteran.

Aaron Rodgers

There’s no argument that Aaron Rodgers is among the future hall-of-fame NFL quarterbacks of his generation. With three MVP honors and one world championship, the 18-year star continues to shine among the top 10 playmakers. Utilizing a number of talented targets around him, Rodgers refuses to go quietly into that goodnight.

Matthew Stafford

A change of scenery was exactly what Georgia alum Matthew Stafford needed to get his groove back. So far, the Los Angeles quarterback is among the leaders in total passing yards (1,222) and yards per attempt (9.1). If he continues to play at a high level, he could be a gamechanger no matter who he is facing.

Lamar Jackson

Arguably one of the best dual-threat NFL quarterbacks playing today, Lamar Jackson has the strength and vision to hit any target on the field, or the power to run when the pocket collapses. This year alone, the Baltimore starter has over 1,000 passing yards, 379 running yards, and six total touchdowns, making him an “X Factor” in every game.

Russell Wilson

Even though 2020 was a down year for Russell Wilson, he is coming back in 2021 stronger than ever. The former world champion is consistently among the best NFL quarterbacks in pass completion rate, yards per attempt, and quarterback rating. Anytime he is on the field, Seattle remains a threat to the opposition’s defense.

Dak Prescott

In four full seasons starting for Dallas, Dak Prescott has consistently completed nearly 60 percent of his throws, with no less than 22 touchdowns in the season. Even though he was sidelined with an injury in 2020, he is picking up 2021 right where he left off, with a 75 percent completion rate and 10 touchdowns to start the season. If he stays healthy, Prescott should be considered among the top 10 NFL quarterbacks.
Dak Prescott Quarterback

Derek Carr

Arguably one of the most undervalued NFL quarterbacks, Derek Carr remains a consistent choice each week. In 2020, his 4,103 pass yards and 67.3 percent completion rate made him a steady leader in Las Vegas. Carr’s 2021 campaign is off to an equally good start, with nearly 1,400 yards in the air through week four and eight touchdowns. In the right matchups, Carr has the ability and talent to be one of the best quarterbacks out there.

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