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Best Online Sportsbooks

best online sportsbooksAt Sports Information Traders, we like to make sure our clients are getting the absolute best experience and maximum return on their sports investments. So we’ve gathered together a list of only the most reputable sportsbooks that people should consider using when looking for their next offshore online sportsbook.

Voted as having the best betting software, Bovada is one of the main stays on our list of best online sportsbooks. They received an ‘A’ from SBR’s sports book rating. They only accept clients within the US, and offer great bonus offers like 50% free play up to $250. Bovada has built their name as one of the most reputable and consistent online sportsbooks available to players.

Bovada.LV offers USA players the opportunity to bet big on all of the major American sports and sporting events such as the NFL, Super Bowl, March Madness, College Football, basketball, baseball, casino games such as roulette, blackjack, 3 card poker, 7 card stud, texas holdem, as well as over 120 casino games legal horse betting opportunities.

Voted as having the best bonuses of any online sportsbook, BetOnline was one of the first to incorporate discounted line pricing at -108 in their earlier years when they were known as BestLine. As well as being a top level service, BetOnline also offers many incentives to players, especially those seeking higher limit gambling.

Heritage Sports
Considered to be one of the most exclusive of all the online books, Heritage started off as an invite only service for many years before opening their doors, however they still greatly accommodate their players with their VIP treatment. Heritage is now known for their extra perks and incentives to clients. They earned an A+ from SBR’s sportsbook rating, which is enough to earn them one of the top spots among online sportsbooks.

Another popular source among online players is 5Dimes with their A+ rating from SBR. They boast exceptional incentive and reward programs for their clients. They’re known for offering original alternate run lines for sports like MLB, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, and more. They also offer many casino options to their players who want to do more than wager on sports.

5Dimes is one of the more reputable online sportsbook available to customers today. They’ve receive high marks for great customer service and fast payouts when clients wish to cash out. Though, some say that the minimum amount required for a cash out in too high. They also are a great source for up-to-the-minute lines and odds updates.

Considered to be one of the leaders for offshore online sportsbook resources, Bookmaker is a juggernaut of a service. Many online books even get their lines directly from BookMaker. They are also considered a higher end service as they take many high stakes bets, as much as most online books take small bets. One of the largest and most established books in the world, BookMaker continues to set the standard in online sports wagering.

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