BetFair Review

BetFair Review

Betfair is another one of the UK’s biggest and most prominent online sportsbooks, but don’t be fooled by their size and popularity, as they’re not that popular among their customers. There’s hundreds of complaints about their subpar customer service everywhere online. Like many of the big powerhouse sportbsooks, Betfair offers many other services outside the realm of sports betting, like casino games and horse racing. And while they do offer plenty of features, their reviews still suffer. The Betfair reviews available through a simple google search will show that they have plenty of work to do when it comes to accommodating their client base.

While they do offer new customers bonuses and incentives like £/€30 in free bets, paid as three £/€10 free bet tokens, it does little to make up for their low reputation amongst former clients. Many people complain about issues trying to cash out and some even go as far as to say that the slots are fixed. While we can’t speak on the validity of those claims, we do urge people that are potentially interested in using Betfair to google them and look up specifically what other past clients have said about them and their service.

Customer satisfaction is one of their weak points, with the hundreds of complaints that can be found sprinkled throughout the internet and so many sports betting forums. It’s a surprise that a subpar online sportsbook with that magnitude of negative reviews posted online can still thrive, and they do in a relative way. As a UK based sportsbook they tend to pull strictly from England’s betting public which is very small in comparison to to America, and the rest of the world for that matter. On an international scale, Betfair doesn’t have the quality user experience to compete with some of the bigger, more popular sportsbooks that have become second nature in so many people’s daily sports wagers.

Due to their less than great reputation online, we can’t fully endorse Betfair, but they’re still very popular so we assume that they at least take care of some of their customers. We urge our clients to do their own research before committing to any sportsbooks, especially one with the negative reviews such as Betfair. They are still worth checking out whenever you’re in the market for your next sportsbook, as they do offer a variety of bonus packages for people based in the UK for every pound deposited into your account. After you sign up with them on a trial basis, be sure to come back to Sports Information Traders for all your daily winning sports betting information. Jon Price and his team are the cream of the crop in the international sports world and strive to bring you consistent winners on a daily basis. Sign up today on our homepage and let on of our analyst help you get started on your path to successful sports wagers and WINNING.

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