Betting on baseball’s underdogs

How To Make Money When Betting on baseball’s underdogs This MLB Season

If there is one thing a baseball handicapper really loves, it’s an attractive underdog.
However, the challenge associated with betting on underdogs is dicey, and being able to tell the difference between one that’s worth taking a chance on, and one that’s just going to cost a handicapper money, is tough.
So, to help baseball bettors decide whether to bet on an underdog or not, we’ve put together a few tips to help pick the underdogs sure to deliver the big returns.
First, baseball handicappers need to pick out the underdogs with a good starting pitcher that has been doing well, or spot a starting pitcher for the favorite that is performing well below expectations.
While even casual bettors tend to always look at a team’s starting pitcher before making a bet, they don’t always look deep enough, especially if the game’s favorite ace is scheduled to toe the rubber. But this is a value overlooked if the ace isn’t pitching well, which in turn creates a lot of value on the underdog.
Besides pitching, handicappers also need to identify favorites that might not be hitting nearly as well as they recently have on the year. In other words, a team that might be in a offensive slump, that Joe betting public hasn’t taken notice of. Casual bettors love showy displays of offense, and if a team establishes itself early on with some big bats, but can’t keep it up, the public will assume, and bet anyway.
That perception betting can create great value on a perceived underdog, that might even be themselves improving offensively over the course of the season. That’s why baseball handicappers need to pay close attention to significant changes for  underdogs. Like those that may be in a winning streak, or have a player on a hitting streak, a key player returning from an injury, or a hot new player that is making his major league debut.
All of these changes to a team’s chemistry can turn an underdog into a legitimate winner and a very attractive betting option. Even an underdog that is exhibiting good poise and form during their losses can be a team to bet on with good chance of return.
That’s because when team’s are losing no one pays attention, but if a handicapper takes the extra time to look closely and see that maybe some of those losses weren’t as bad as they looked, or were very close, said underdog might just be ready to deliver a big win, and a big payoff for the baseball bettor that wagered on them.
In the end, it’s imperative to remember that the betting public overlooks subtle signs, and often perceives one loss or bad inning from a team as a reason not to bet on that team. But smart baseball handicappers know that baseball is a game often lost by a simple case of bad luck on one day, that can result in better luck the next.
And they know that if they are willing to risk a little, they stand to gain a lot. Make sure to check out our winning MLB Picks from Sports Information Traders the leader in sports wagering picks.
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