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<h1>Betting  on college football upsets</h1>
Betting on college football can be fun, but even more exciting and profitable when discovering and wagering on an underdog with a more than good chance of upsetting a top favorite.
However, with these bets comes risks, and there is a few things handicappers must consider when trying to cash in on a winning ticket on the underdog. If they are not mindful, they could go broke.
So, here are a few ways to help college football handicappers spot an underdog that could come out on top of a heavy favorite.
First, CFB handicappers need to identify over-loved favorites.
Most of time this will be a big name school from a major NCAA conference, playing against a little known team from an smaller conference. 
Often times, the favorite may not be playing as well as their reputation and name suggests. So, it’s important for handicappers to a actually look at what a team is currently doing and not their history.
Next, is recognizing a badly disrespected underdog.
Frankly, some underdogs just don’t get enough respect. Lesser known teams from smaller conferences don’t get a lot of media attention, meaning they will go unnoticed by the betting public, which usually possesses a very strong bias towards the favorite.
If a college football handicapper can recognize an underdog that is far better than a the odds suggest, then they could be looking at a potential upset situation. To do this they need to dig deeper though.
One thing they need to dig for, is easy to find.  Has the favorite has been winning without covering the spread consistently?
This can tell bettors if a big name team is really playing to its potential or may be struggling without any public notice. If a major conference school has not been covering with consistency, then it either means that the lines have probably been higher than they are good and harder to cover. Or the team is having problems.
If college football handicappers can figure out what a team’s problems are, it could prove profitable.
Another thing to look out for is a team that is  winning while being outgained over and over again. This is a team that has shown that they are potentially vulnerable.
Consequently,  a football team that has lost games while consistently outgaining their opponents, could be on the brink of a big breakout. Handicappers need to focus on yards gained, special teams and turnovers.
That’s because, games are often won and lost in the trenches, and a team the consistently wins the turnover battle, is potentially profitable.
Finally, is the favorite getting the most out of its top players?
If a college football team has players in decline, like a starting quarterback or standout running back, handicappers need to take notice, looking for players that are banged up and sore as the season goes along.
This may go unnoticed by the betting public, but can have a big impact on a team’s ability to perform up to expectations.  Thus making them more vulnerable to an upset and potentially profitable to a NCAA football handicapper that backs them. 
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