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Betting on streaks in baseball

Streaks in sports are common, especially in baseball. The season is long and there is plenty of time for teams to experience the highs and mostly the lows of a typical MLB season. These streaks are important to baseball bettors who can ride them, cashing in on some serious profits.
The good thing about streaks is that when one ends, another one usually begins. And the longer a streak goes, the more attention the betting public pays. And if a team is in the midst of a long line of losses, the public will usually  aggressively bet against them.  That can open up a great opportunity for  bettors, who if they can spot a losing streak that might be coming to an end, they can cash in on some great values.
However, spotting the end of long streaks is tricky, so here are a few factors for handicappers to look for when a losing skid is about to reach its end.
First, handicappers need to notice any major changes in the organization, such as a new GM or coach, new player additions, especially a star standout, or maybe just a team’s star player returning to the lineup after an injury. Most MLB teams often respond well to major shakeups, and a big boost could equal a big win, and a big payoff.
Second, handicappers need to look for a pitcher who is facing a team he has beaten in the past or has just shown well against.  This is a sure fire way for a pitcher to find some confidence and a much-needed win. Not to mention that baseball is the only sport where one player, like a pitcher, can almost single-handedly end a winless skid.
In keeping with pitchers, a team’s ace that performed well, but is coming off a loss in his last outing, is also a good bet to snap a losing streak, as most MLB pitchers are able to channel their frustration and use it to fuel a win the next time out.
The last two things a baseball handicapper can use in determining if a team is on the verge of breaking a long losing streak , s if a team is starting a new series against an opponent that they have been recently successful against, and if they are playing in their second game at home after a long road trip.
A new opponent that a team has consistently excelled against can lift a team to a win.
Teams and players are very aware of the teams they play well against and the second home game in a new series, means a team usually has the had the chance to settle in, relax and get back into the swing of things, which often times equates to wins.
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