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Learn How to Bet on the NFL in the Beginning of the Season

Betting on the NFL can be a profitable business, and handicappers need to approach the long season as a series of short seasons if they want to make a lot of money.
And while bettors always like to talk about how profitable it can be to wager on the NFL regular season as a whole, they often leave out the importance of a breaking down the long NFL season into a more manageable series of mini-seasons, all with their own characteristics, which changes the way smart handicappers approach the game in an effort to take advantage of the opportunities for profit.
The most important one of those so-called mini-seasons occurs within the first two weeks of the NFL regular season. If bettors can spot the value, they can really cash in early on.
With that, here a few factors that NFL bettors need to keep in mind when getting ready to bet on those first two weeks of the NFL season.
First, handicappers need to be forward thinkers, and not put a whole lot of stock into what happens during the preseason. They also need to forget about the a team’s prior season, but rather focus on the future, zeroing in on the additions a team has made through the draft and free agency. 
Consequently, taking into account what key injuries, coaching changes, or defections a team has suffered. Always keeping in mind that these things may not affect a team all season, but it may matter on the field right away.
Second, handicappers need to be able to access the hype surrounding certain teams, determining if a team is ready to live up to that sort of buildup right away. Hyped up teams get a lot of public action, but if a team can’t actually live up to the hype, it can create real opportunities of sharp bettors.
Next, NFL handicappers need to take into consideration a team’s offseason and preseason preparation, as its roster may be different on paper than what it actually fields in the first two weeks of a new season.  Is a team’s high-profile players ready to play? Is its youngsters ready to start quickly, or do they still need a few more games to adjust? New veteran players may also more time to develop chemistry with their new teammates.
Finally, handicappers need to simply look at team’s schedule.
Fact is, even the league’s worst teams every season, win at least thee or four games on average. And the potential to win those games against unsuspecting teams in the first few weeks of a new season is at its highest.
Also, the earlier in the season, the more likely it will be that the betting public is going to assume that a football team that looks to be headed for 12 wins will beat up on one headed for just six.  But smart bettors know timing and creates opportunities.