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Betting tips for the CFB National Championship game

The college football betting postseason is a marathon and not a sprint, so hopefully some college football handicappers have paced themselves and still have a bit left in their bank account to make one last wager on this year’s National Championship title game.

Formerly known as the BCS National Championship, the National Championship Football game is the pinnacle of the college football season. And with the game just a few days away, it’s time for football bettors to start thinking about a betting strategy.

From a simple straight bet or a proposition bet, here are a few considerations for handicappers to make before putting their money on the line.

First, handicappers need to remember the odds are never in their favor. Even the best sports bettors rarely beating the house more than 60 percent of the time. Still, 50-60 percent are not too shabby.

So, what’s the first step a football handicapper can do to make sure he or she comes out on the right side of championship Monday? They need to look at how the game will be different then the regular season for the two teams competing.

First, the game will be played at a neutral site. Neutral site games usually take teams out of their comfort zone. However, both teams have just come off a neutral site game, so it may or may not be a huge factor.

Still, it’s an important thing to take into consideration, as not all neutral site games are truly neutral. The site could be much closer to one team, meaning that the crowd will be significantly made up of their fans. Furthermore, one team may have played on the field before. And because neutral site lines typically won’t include the standard home field advantage of about three points, there could be value to be had.
Next, is this game a rematch?

There are not many rematches in college football, but they do exist and it’s still worth looking into. Smart handicappers know it’s hard for one good team to beat another twice in a row, especially of the stakes are higher for one team.

Nearly every year there is at least one team that is playing in the championship game with a chance to improve their school and coach’s prestige, in turn attracting the attention of nation’s most promising young potential commits. That adds an extra level of intensity to the game, and not teams handle pressure the same way. Assessing how teams handle intense stress is a key part to wagering on these games.

Conversely, there are always teams that appear to have nothing to lose, or perhaps they are arrogant.

Handicappers need to watch per-championship media interviews with players and coaches and maybe even follow a key player’s Twitter account to see what the attitude is like during the week leading up to the big game.

Finally, like all college football games, handicappers need to zero in on injuries to key players and coaching experience. The players have gotten a little extra time to heal their bodies and minds, but if they just came off a brutal bowl game, nagging injuries could make a difference in the outcome.

In the end, perhaps the most crucial factor that significantly increases a team’s chances of winning the National Championship title, is its coach.

Coaches play a bigger role than normal in these games, and in order to keep their players disciplined and focused a coach must have big game experience.

College football handicappers need remember, that a coach that has been in these types of games before and knows what to do, is the one that will give them the edge.