BKB boxing betting picks

The newest competitor to the UFC and Boxing world is a new highly intense sport in Las Vegas called BKB Boxing. This intense up close and violent fighting can be found at BKB.tv where two fighters enter a ring and we help you to profit from the outcome with Sports Information Traders top sports betting picks that include BKB fights.

The two biggest name fighters currently are Bryan Vera & Gabe Rosado. Fights are broadcast on DIRECTV. The Nevada Athletic Commission allows the events as of March of 2014. The two fighters face off in the pit that does not have any ropes or corners and can only exit the impact zone for up to 8 seconds. Rounds last for only 2 minutes and go a total of seven rounds compared to boxings typical 10 rounds.

We look forward to helping you to make money off of the next big fight at the Mandalay Bay as we are the leader in handicapping all things boxing and look forward to the biggest fight of them all with Mayweather’s fight of the century.

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