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27Sep 2017

The Vegas Runner is a professional sports handicapper and bettor who has made millions from wagering on sports over the last two decades. Featured in a number of major publications, as well as various appearances on television networks like CNBC.   One of Vegas Runner’s most commonly used, and perfected techniques is to wager on […]

09Jun 2017

Kick off Sports is a horse and baseball handicapping service with the main capper on the website being Issa Farhat. There are no reviews on the service online from Cappertek or other handicapper resources. From their website it appears that they promote Horse racing and triple crown stakes as well as betting advice for Major […]

11May 2017

Another United Kingdom Based betting service that was started in 2003 that provides arbitrage betting advice service. It uses the Odds Trawler software which we’ve written about here and sends out no less than 50 different arbitrage betting opportunities each and every month. If you are wanting to take the guessing out of betting then […]

01May 2017

With the sports betting industry booming at a rate that it’s never been before, and expanding to reach whole new demographics which is making sports gambling one of the most rapidly businesses in the world today, naturally there’s a lot of scammers who try to get in the door to get their piece of the […]

24Apr 2017

Today’s sports handicapping industry has its fair share of both winners and losers and scams. With the allure of such fast and easy money, naturally it tends to drawl some less than reputable characters that will try to take advantage of people and the system created by betting on sports. It would appear that Cappers […]

24Apr 2017

In today’s sports handicapping landscape there’s almost as many “scam-dicappers” as there are legitimate sports betting services. NSA Wins, or the National Sports Advisors Betting Service is one such scam that has all the markings of a poorly ran scam service. The minute you visit their site, it screams poorly run, shotty operation. Their website […]

03Apr 2017

Into today’s modern era of sports betting, there’s countless ways for players to place a wager on any particular sporting event around the world. From straight bets to moneyline and spread bets, to totals and various prop bets… The options are practically endless for ways to bet on sports games. One of the latest, popular […]

17Feb 2017

In the history of sports betting, there’s been a number of bettors that were able to beat the odds in an astronomical way and build great fortunes from their sports wagers. One of the greatest of all time is Stanley Tomchin. Tomchit grew up in Long Island, New York, and began playing poker at a […]

01Nov 2016

WagerTalk.com is a large platform used by various sports handicappers around the country, as well as the globe, where they can sell their picks and advertise their service. One of the many sports handicappers that can be found on there who’s created a lot of interest for himself is Marco D’Angelo. A sports handicapper who […]

01Nov 2016

Vegas Sportsbook Picks is an online sports handicapping service that serves all 4 major American sports, as well as their college counterparts. Judging by the scammer reviews and forum posts from people who have paid for their service, they are a less than reputable company. However, it is possible that they allow their salesmen to […]

20Oct 2016

Listened on national radio throughout the country the Paramount Sports Betting service provides high quality and legitimate sports betting tips for those looking for weekly winners throughout the football season. Paramount is a well respected and renowned service that discusses weekly games and opinions each and every week of the College and Professional Football season. […]

19Oct 2016

WagerTalk.com is a very popular aggregate for sports betting picks from a variety of handicappers with a variety of specialities throughout the sports gaming and betting industry. Independent sports pickers advertise and offer their picks on their website as a way to reach the masses that the WagerTalk.com platform enables them to expand to. From […]

17Oct 2016

Steve Fezzik is one of modern day sports betting’s Rain Man. He’s simply brilliant at playing the sports betting odds in his favor, and has made a very fortunate living from his winnings wagering on sporting contests. And by the way, his real name isn’t even Steve Fezzik. It’s a made up pseudonym that he […]

03Jun 2016

How to Get Picks from The Syndicate Insider Sports betting is an investment. It’s investing in yourself and your handicapper. There are numerous syndicates that we receive plays from ranging from top tier Las Vegas underground ones, some of the biggest and well respected Chinese sports betting syndicates  to London bettors and back to a […]

30Jan 2016

Psychic Wins Emails Tired of receiving emails every single day from a sports handicapping company named “Psychic Wins”? The team here at SIT Picks is a group of sports analysts led by world famous sports gambler Jon Price. Price has been featured prominently in Forbes, Eye on Gaming, Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, and many other […]

24Jan 2016

Lou Diamond a Don Best Featured Sports Handicapper Looking for winning sports betting picks? Then look no further. The worlds number one gambler treats betting as a business not as a risky wager. Jon Price has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, and many other publications. Enough about the legend however […]

02Nov 2015

Guide to betting on football underdogs Whether betting on the moneyline, or against the spread, there is something exciting about betting on football underdogs. Perhaps its spotting something that the betting public did not see, or maybe just the profits from capitalizing on a big score. Nevertheless, betting on underdogs can be fun but extremely risky. […]

21Oct 2015

Betting tips for midseason QB changes   It nearing that time of the year again, when during the NFL season, teams begin to make quarterback changes. Sometimes because of injuries and other times because of a need to replace an underperforming starter.   For whatever reason, midseason quarterback changes are a big challenge for football […]

13Oct 2015

HK Malay is a sports handicapper and radio personality from Blowoutpicks.com. Blow Out Picks is a sports service that offers sports betting advice. You may have heard H.K. Malay on KNBR in San Francisco, CBS Sports Radio in Sacramento, California, 92.5 the Game in Nashville, Tennessee, and 103.7 the Buzz in Little Rock, Arkansas. His […]

24Sep 2015

Betting on teams with bad opening weeks Not all NFL teams begin their seasons with a bang. In fact, some of the best teams or favorites, sometimes play down right awful the first couple of games of a new season. Sometimes they win ugly, or even worse lose badly. When this happens, the betting public […]

17Sep 2015

Driving around in your car listening to a sports radio station and you hear an advertisement commercial spot for Jonathon Stone Handicapping service? The advertisement talks about free locks of the week and the radio commercials may advertise you to check out Jonathon Stones website stone-cold-locks. Well if you have worked with Stone or another […]

11Sep 2015

Betting on football games is fun. But it can be a challenging, especially for handicappers trying to stretch their time and resources on both college and NFL football games week in and week out. During some weeks there are as many as 50-60 football games on Saturday and up to 16 on Sunday. That’s a […]

03Aug 2015

Top 10 Most Influential Sports Betting Radio Shows In today’s sports betting community, so many bettors are searching for that edge or special resource that’s going to help them cash in on their picks. From local talk hosts to nationally syndicated sports personalities, there’s more than plenty to choose from. Many like to depend on […]

29Jul 2015

Rich Allen’s Sports Betting Professor Review Rich Allen is another one of these handicappers that has decent marketing and knows how to push their brand, but knows next to nothing when it comes to actually picking winning picks. And just because you put the word “Professor” at the end of your name by no means […]

28Jul 2015

Football Handicapper Each and every year the NFL continues to be by far the most popular sport for Americans to bet on. And for good reason, it’s a great game. However, statistically it’s also considered to be one of the hardest sports to pick for amateurs sports bettors. More than any other major American sport, […]

10Jul 2015

Todd’s Take – Todd Fuhrman Handicapper Todd’s take is one of the more popular handicappers online, especially during the NFL season. Much of his popularity is unfounded as he’s not a documented handicapper and has not done anything to merit such unfounded attention. Handicapping sports requires a substantial amount of time and resources; If you […]

23Jun 2015

ATS Sportsline One of our competitors each and every year is ATS Sportsline handicapping service. While we’ve finished ahead of them in the final records for online documented sports services for 4 of the last 5 years, they are by most accounts a somewhat reputable service. However, being reputable doesn’t always equal winners. They’ve routinely […]

09Jun 2015

Best Cricket Handicapper or Punter Our founder and lead handicapper here at Sports Information Traders has always said that no one sports handicapping sharp can beat a whole team of them, which is evident by his team’s success over the last six years. Jon Price is partnered with some of the most respected sports wagering […]

31May 2015

Mike Warren Handicapper and Sports Service from the 90’s If you were a sports bettor or handicapper during the 1990s, then chances are that you’re familiar with Mike Warren. He was one of the biggest names in sports handicapping history at a time, and many people have won money on his picks, but plenty more […]

30May 2015

Jimmy the Greek Sports Oddsmaker One of the founding fathers of sports handicapping is Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder. As a teenager growing up in Ohio, Jimmy made close connections with the bookmakers around his town where he grew his affinity for the sports betting and handicapping world. In 1956, he moved to Las Vegas to […]

25May 2015

Sports Cash System There’s plenty of pretenders in today’s sports handicapping and picking world, and one of those pretenders is Sports Cash System. They’re nothing more than a marketing team who puts all of their resources into marketing, and spreading disinformation, instead of investing their resources into actually winning their clients money in sports wagers. […]

25May 2015

Sports Profit System – Why you should use our handicapping service In today’s modern era of sports handicapping services, there’s plenty of reputable and winning services, with dependable and talented pickers. However, for everyone one or two reputable services there are out there, there’s about five pretenders with losing picks. Here at Sports Information Traders, […]

25May 2015

Wise Guy Sports Betting Explained The “Wise Guys” in sports betting, or also known as the Sharps, are the professional ace pickers that have built up a reputation as being apart of the successful 5% of sports gamblers around the world to profit greatly and make their living from betting on sports. Many casinos and […]

23May 2015

Sharp Action Our team at Sports Information Traders is headed by our three headed monster of industry sharps, Jon Price, our founder and lead handicapper, Mike Wise who is the head of our NBA and College Basketball department, and Dave Michaels who leads our MLB department, respectively. Jon Price for many years would place bets […]

23May 2015

Bob Voulgaris Considered to be one of the best NBA and college basketball handicappers and successful sports gamblers in the world, Bob Voulgaris has claimed to hit around 70% winners in one NBA season. While we can’t verify that number, the buzz surrounding him is legitimate as he is a very successful gambler. However, our […]

09May 2015

With so many ways to wager on today’s sporting events, how does a handicapper choose where to place his or her money? Well, there is no real right or wrong answer. It all depends on the bettors comfort level, and return expectations.   Two of the most popular betting options available however, are either wagering […]

08May 2015

Just to make sure our elite clientele does not get confused. We like to clear things up. We are not the Sports Traders website sportstraders.com we are the Legendary Sports Information Traders led by professional gambler Jon Price. Our toll free phone number and sign up form is above and you can reach us anytime […]

08May 2015

Four betting assumptions that will get handicappers in trouble When wagering on any sport, it is important that bettors make their decisions based on facts and statistics, not on hunches and assumptions. If they do, they will likely find themselves losing more bets than they win.   To help sports handicappers avoid that pitfall whether […]

07May 2015

Review on Bet With Confidence – Twitter Betting Review We are the number one handicapping syndicate in the world so we are always looking to sharpen our skills and to keep our eyes on the competition. We were recently shown the predictions and plays from Dave at Bet With Confidence from a client. He said […]

07May 2015

Betting Tips for Wagering on the underdog No matter what sport a handicapper is betting on, heavy underdogs, although risky at times, can offer potentially large payouts. We help Football, Baseball, and College Sports Bettors to get that extra edge to beat out the bookmakers and make that extra income that is so desired with […]

02May 2015

Michael Osborne Las Vega Twitter Handle: @betwithmeyouknowigotit Michael Osborne a Las Vegas Sports Bettor with the Twitter Handle: @betwithmeyouknowigotit is one who posts tickets and predictions of his wagers at the Hooters Hotel, Casino, and Sportsbook which utilizes William Hill the largest sports betting company in the world. His main competitor is baseball handicapper @itsvegasdave […]

01May 2015

Best Sports Handicapper of All Time When people start to discuss the best sports handicappers of all time, you’ll hear them throw out the usual suspects like Jimmy “The Greek,” Stu Feiner, or Johnny C, but the one thing those handicappers all have in common, is that they were never documented. They talk all day […]

01May 2015

Who is the Best Sports Handicapper in the World Every sports gambling enthusiasts has wondered at some point, who is the best sports handicapper in the world and how can I get their picks? Now I’m sure that there’s handicappers out there who claim 70 or even 80% winners, but that’s just not feasible. Here […]

28Apr 2015

Sports Betting Professor The Sports Betting Professor is another new age sports handicapper who depends heavily on formulas and crunching the numbers to come up with their daily picks. Formulas in sports betting picks just simply do not work, and our founder Jon Price is one of the biggest proponents of that  for almost 20 […]

27Apr 2015

Opinions differ among baseball handicappers when it comes to betting the runline or moneyline in MLB baseball. The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer most of the time, but there are times when the runline is the better play. But how does a handicapper know this? Well let’s look at an example. […]

27Apr 2015

Sports Geek Picks The Sports Geek is another one of these handicappers that claims to be based in Las Vegas, but has probably never even visited there. They like to throw out numbers and percentages that are sometimes over 70%, and it’s just nothing more than fairly tales. The problem with modern day sports handicapping […]

23Apr 2015

Sports Handicapper King Don’t believe the hype of typical, old school handicappers like Sports Handicapper King at SportsHandicapperKing.net. These are the kind of cappers that don’t base their picks off of genuine information or sources, just pure hunches and guesses. He touts a 64% winning percentage, yet has no documentation to back it up. Here […]

23Apr 2015

Sports Handicapper Reviews Sports Information Traders gives you the scoop on everything from live updates of injuries, line movement, developing trends, scores and odds, sportsbook reviews, and sports handicapper reviews to make sure our clients are among the most informed in the country. You won’t find another reputable service who is confident enough in our […]

14Apr 2015

Pros and cons of the 5-inning bet Baseball bettors are usually content with betting on the moneyline, runline or alternate runline. But a less widely known wager type that can be a fill a handicappers pocket is the 5-inning bet, also known as the first-half bet. Simply, this bet is placed on a line based […]

14Apr 2015

Five overrated baseball betting stats While baseball is a stat driven sport, stats to baseball handicappers can become cumbersome and grossly misinterpreted, sometimes leading baseball bettors to go against their better judgment and their normal betting practices. Truth is, some stats in baseball for handicapping purposes, can sometimes be totally ignored. They are as follows. […]

30Mar 2015

Dr. Bob Sports Dr. Bob used to be considered one of the best of the best at picks, but nobody has fallen further over recent years than Dr. Bob Sports. In the early 2000s Dr. Bob was considered a winner by most, but over the last 8 years, he’s become one of the biggest losers […]

12Mar 2015

Bookiecrusher.com Reviews We never like it when we receive an email from clients who are trying to get out of the hole from sports gambling losses. Our job is to treat sports betting as an investment not a gamble. We recently helped a client who said that they lost over $3,000 with Bookie Crusher to […]

01Mar 2015

Cappers Picks Stop wasting your time with the loser, scam services and their losing cappers picks. Join the juggernaut of the industry, one of the few documented, reputable, and successful sports investing services in the country. Our team is lead by our three industry sharps: Jon Price, Mike Wise, and Dave Michaels. The man at […]

07Feb 2015

Soccer Handicapper Soccer handicappers in the U.S. are few and far between, but while Soccer still doesn’t get the respect from American bettors that many of the other major American sports do like Basketball, Football, and Baseball… It’s still the most popular sport around the world, as well as the most wagered on, and that’s […]

25Jan 2015

Sports Service Plays Every season starts out the same for most common, amateur sports bettors… They start off thinking that this is the year they make their picks on their own and make themselves into a successful sports investor. And it usually takes about a month before they’ve realized their error and decide to reach […]

24Jan 2015

Oskeim is a sports handicapping service that has been around for the last 5 plus years. They offer the daily tout sports picks with rare 5 star inner circle games of the year. Five star club daily sports picks and recorded picks which showcase a market return in the high percentage points. Out of his […]

12Dec 2014

What Sport Services Are Legitimate and Which are Not? There are only a select few sport services that are legitimate and have the extra edge over the oddsmakers. The one we have tested and proven to be a quality service is Bill Davis of the Davis Equation formerly of Big Time Sharps (rumor has it […]

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