"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Sports Betting Service

11Oct 2018

West coast sports service is a Las Vegas, Nevada based sports betting and handicapping service that calls out from a 702 phone number. They provide betting picks for Hockey, Football, Baseball, and Basketball. They claim that one of their handicappers placed in the sports betting contest and goes by the name of JP. There is […]

10Oct 2017

Free Picks for Life is a free sports betting service on a recorded message. No Hassle, No Message, No Calls, Just a recorded message. You may have heard their advertisements on the radio and their ads on different sports radio stations throughout the country. Their toll free phone number is 1-866-606-PICK or 1-866-606-7425 We can […]

27Sep 2017

The Vegas Runner is a professional sports handicapper and bettor who has made millions from wagering on sports over the last two decades. Featured in a number of major publications, as well as various appearances on television networks like CNBC.   One of Vegas Runner’s most commonly used, and perfected techniques is to wager on […]

31Aug 2017

SportsAmericaSportsService.com is a sports betting service that provides Basketball, Baseball. and Football betting advice. Their website states that they launched in 1990 and have photos of naked girls on their website. Their package pricing ranges from $76.00 for sports picks to an all time picks package for $1125. There are no reviews positive or negative […]

09Jun 2017

Kick off Sports is a horse and baseball handicapping service with the main capper on the website being Issa Farhat. There are no reviews on the service online from Cappertek or other handicapper resources. From their website it appears that they promote Horse racing and triple crown stakes as well as betting advice for Major […]

06Apr 2017

So Money is a weekly Podcast held by Farnoosh Torabi where they discuss various topics having to do with money, and particularly, the best ways to make money. Farnoosh has touched on sports betting a number of times as a great way to capitalize on a solid investment and create a sustainable source of income for […]

27Feb 2017

If you make a smart investment betting on sports, then you can make a lot of money. If you don’t practice and watch carefully what you are doing then you very well can lose your ass wagering on games. A broken clock can be correct twice a day but when gambling on sports if you […]

18Feb 2017

Total Edge System is a sports betting system similar to the Sports Betting Professor and Z-Code System found on Clickbank. How it works is that it promotes a system where plays are developed and wagered on exclusively using their performance system. There are no current reviews for the total edge system and the website is […]

18Feb 2017

Advantaged One is a sports betting service that is advertised on popular gambling site Don Best and Scores & Odds. An Advantage player in gambling is somebody who has an edge over the casino and is often banned from gambling at a casino. There are notes throughout casinos to alert the pit boss and casino […]

18Feb 2017

Odds X Factor is a sports betting service that advises on who they predict will win a given matchup. Companies like this are called tipsters and split the profits made by their clients from their earnings in sports betting. Wagering on sports is very common from Basketball, Baseball, and American Football in America. In Europe […]

19Jan 2017

Whether you heard sports betting advertisements years ago on Howard Sterns XM-Sirius satellite radio show or on television during your favorite NBA or Sunday NFL action you can always find a handicapper willing and ready to help you with a prediction. If you have a voicemail from a 800-474-8002 and are looking to try out […]

01Nov 2016

WagerTalk.com is a large platform used by various sports handicappers around the country, as well as the globe, where they can sell their picks and advertise their service. One of the many sports handicappers that can be found on there who’s created a lot of interest for himself is Marco D’Angelo. A sports handicapper who […]

01Nov 2016

Vegas Sportsbook Picks is an online sports handicapping service that serves all 4 major American sports, as well as their college counterparts. Judging by the scammer reviews and forum posts from people who have paid for their service, they are a less than reputable company. However, it is possible that they allow their salesmen to […]

20Oct 2016

Listened on national radio throughout the country the Paramount Sports Betting service provides high quality and legitimate sports betting tips for those looking for weekly winners throughout the football season. Paramount is a well respected and renowned service that discusses weekly games and opinions each and every week of the College and Professional Football season. […]

19Oct 2016

WagerTalk.com is a very popular aggregate for sports betting picks from a variety of handicappers with a variety of specialities throughout the sports gaming and betting industry. Independent sports pickers advertise and offer their picks on their website as a way to reach the masses that the WagerTalk.com platform enables them to expand to. From […]

08Oct 2016

Buy Sports Betting Picks It seems like every online sports handicapper promotion has something to do with free picks or sign up with no obligation, etc. In this business especially, you get what you pay for. No legitimate company gives away their product for free, unless that product isn’t worth anything. It’s understandable for bettors […]

23Sep 2016

Call now for the top sports betting picks from the number one sports handicapper in the world legend Jon Price. You’ve heard the legend speak on the radio and you may have jotted down the number one eight hundred four nine nine three seven three three for tonights free college football pick and betting picks. […]

12Sep 2016

Swish Analytics is a firm based out of San Frnacisco, California and to date has raised $1.8 million dollars in a Seed & Venture round. The company provides analytical reporting using historical sports stats and data to compile an algorithmic prediction and advice on who to use for Daily Fantasy Sports sites such as Draft […]

12Sep 2016

Sports Info Traders Westgate Handicapping Contest Winner Week 1 After the first week of NFL Action the Sports Info Traders company lead by the sports betting legend Jon Price is in 1st place. Thanks to a thrilling 5-0 undefeated start the Sports Info Traders (Westgate Account 7202) won the Detroit Lions over the Indianapolis Colts […]

08Sep 2016

866-441-2711 Call toll free and speak with the worlds best sports analysis and betting service. If you have been listening on the radio and heard advertisements for the Vegas Nightmare let us help you scare the bookmakers out of taking your bets. After each and every football season clients come to us and say I […]

03Jun 2016

How to Get Picks from The Syndicate Insider Sports betting is an investment. It’s investing in yourself and your handicapper. There are numerous syndicates that we receive plays from ranging from top tier Las Vegas underground ones, some of the biggest and well respected Chinese sports betting syndicates  to London bettors and back to a […]

30Jan 2016

Psychic Wins Emails Tired of receiving emails every single day from a sports handicapping company named “Psychic Wins”? The team here at SIT Picks is a group of sports analysts led by world famous sports gambler Jon Price. Price has been featured prominently in Forbes, Eye on Gaming, Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, and many other […]

24Jan 2016

Lou Diamond a Don Best Featured Sports Handicapper Looking for winning sports betting picks? Then look no further. The worlds number one gambler treats betting as a business not as a risky wager. Jon Price has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, and many other publications. Enough about the legend however […]

13Oct 2015

HK Malay is a sports handicapper and radio personality from Blowoutpicks.com. Blow Out Picks is a sports service that offers sports betting advice. You may have heard H.K. Malay on KNBR in San Francisco, CBS Sports Radio in Sacramento, California, 92.5 the Game in Nashville, Tennessee, and 103.7 the Buzz in Little Rock, Arkansas. His […]

11Sep 2015

Betting on football games is fun. But it can be a challenging, especially for handicappers trying to stretch their time and resources on both college and NFL football games week in and week out. During some weeks there are as many as 50-60 football games on Saturday and up to 16 on Sunday. That’s a […]

08Jul 2015

Sports Investing Systems Sports Investing is one of the highest reward vs risk investments that one could make in today’s world. With the right information and understanding of the process, it’s not unheard of for a bettor to turn into a rich, successful bettor seemingly overnight. Though while our team of industry sharps may make […]

28Jun 2015

Sports Investing Forum If you’re a seasoned bettor who places sports wagers each and everyday, then it’s likely that you do a fair amount of research and preparation each day for your picks. Many of these everyday bettors use various sources, some of which are online sports investing forums. This is a huge mistake that […]

23Jun 2015

ATS Sportsline One of our competitors each and every year is ATS Sportsline handicapping service. While we’ve finished ahead of them in the final records for online documented sports services for 4 of the last 5 years, they are by most accounts a somewhat reputable service. However, being reputable doesn’t always equal winners. They’ve routinely […]

31May 2015

Mr. Price is the lead sports picker and handicapper for Sports Information Traders. A service that provides reputable sports betting advice on all of the major betting sports from around the world. How to Start Sports Betting There’s a number of things a player has to do before placing their first sports wager, you’ll have […]

25May 2015

Sports Cash System There’s plenty of pretenders in today’s sports handicapping and picking world, and one of those pretenders is Sports Cash System. They’re nothing more than a marketing team who puts all of their resources into marketing, and spreading disinformation, instead of investing their resources into actually winning their clients money in sports wagers. […]

25May 2015

Wise Guy Sports Betting Explained The “Wise Guys” in sports betting, or also known as the Sharps, are the professional ace pickers that have built up a reputation as being apart of the successful 5% of sports gamblers around the world to profit greatly and make their living from betting on sports. Many casinos and […]

23May 2015

Sharp Action Our team at Sports Information Traders is headed by our three headed monster of industry sharps, Jon Price, our founder and lead handicapper, Mike Wise who is the head of our NBA and College Basketball department, and Dave Michaels who leads our MLB department, respectively. Jon Price for many years would place bets […]

19May 2015

Sports Gambling Help Whether you’re a common bettor just looking to make a few extra bucks on the weekend, or a seasoned pro with many years of experience betting successfully on Baseball, Basketball, football, soccer or any of the other major American sports throughout the year; Chance are that you can still use some solid […]

29Apr 2015

SportsBet Free Bet The Australian based, and Paddy Power owned, online sportsbook SportsBet offers some great incentives not only new clients, but also they’re existing clients. SportsBet’s Free Bets bonuses have become very popular amongst their players. There’s no rhyme or reason for why a player receives a free bet, which only adds to the […]

28Apr 2015

SportsBet Australia One of the most well known and recognizable sportsbooks in the southern hemisphere is SportsBet.com. It’s based in Australia and while it focuses on sports that are more popular among Australians, like soccer and rugby, they do still also accept action on American sports, as well. After being founded in 1993, SportsBet quickly […]

27Apr 2015

Sports Geek Reviews You don’t have to look far on google to find some fairly nasty reviews from unsatisfied customers of the Sports Geeks. It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to find a legit, reputable sports handicapping service these days to invest your hard earned money with. The Sports Geek Reviews are indicative […]

27Apr 2015

Sports Geek Betting For those considering to wager on the Sports Geek’s picks, do yourself a favor and forget about it! Unless you plan on fading your Sports Geeks betting picks, there’s no other reason to ever take losing picks from the scam artists of the industry. Google is filled with customer complaints about their […]

27Apr 2015

Sports Geek Picks The Sports Geek is another one of these handicappers that claims to be based in Las Vegas, but has probably never even visited there. They like to throw out numbers and percentages that are sometimes over 70%, and it’s just nothing more than fairly tales. The problem with modern day sports handicapping […]

30Mar 2015

Dr. Bob Sports Dr. Bob used to be considered one of the best of the best at picks, but nobody has fallen further over recent years than Dr. Bob Sports. In the early 2000s Dr. Bob was considered a winner by most, but over the last 8 years, he’s become one of the biggest losers […]

21Mar 2015

Odds and Scores Sports Information Traders is your one stop shop for every piece of betting information you’ll ever need to place your winning wagers and stayed informed on all of the critical information. We offer up to the minute odds and scores, injury updates, line movement and trends, trap games, as well as expert […]

26Jan 2015

Mr. Price is the lead sports picker and handicapper for Sports Information Traders. A service that provides reputable sports betting advice on all of the major betting sports from around the world. Sports Handicapper 1/10/2016 — Our lead Sports Handicapper here at Sports Information Traders, Jon Price, is renowned around the sports world for his […]

16Jan 2015

Sports Betting Service Every season start out the same… Common players think they can pick games on their own, they fall behind early and are stuck playing catchup for the rest of the season, before going completely broke. It’s this false confidence that’s made bookies a lot of money over the years, and lost players […]

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