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sports betting terms

Steam Plays – Steam Move Betting Plays A steam move is a sudden, drastic line movement across all sportsbooks for a particular game. This is usually the result of a coordinated move by a large betting syndicate spread out across multiple sportsbooks, or by a whale player who has spread out his bet amongst runners […]

Delta in Sports Gambling The delta is a term used by professional sports gamblers and handicappers to describe the value in a play. Essentially it’s the difference between what the Las Vegas bookmakers set the line to be, and what the bettors think the point spread should be. To better understand this, we’ll use an […]

Sports Betting Lines Explained Sports betting lines are a fundamental part of sports gambling that every player should be familiar with. The most common straight bet is usually placed on the point spread, which is when one team is handicapped points to level the playing field between the two. For example, if the Bulls are […]

Parimutuel Parimutuel is a specific kind of betting system in which all of the players wagers are gathered together in a pool, and the juice or “big” is then deducted, and the payout odds are determined by sharing the pool among all the winning wagers from the bet. Sometimes the parimutuel bet is less commonly […]

Vigorish Vigorish, which is also referred to as “the vig” or “juice” is a fee applied to a wager by casinos and sportsbooks and is the primary way they make their money from a bettors action. In other words, it’s a commission a sportsbook or casino places on each bet placed through their establishment. An […]

Gambling Terms Below is a helpful list of gambling terms that you will hear or may want to know what they mean. Here is a comprehensive dictionary of the following terminology: Accumulator: A bet that is being built up because the bettor is desingating different selections in multiple races or events where the amount one […]

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