"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Sports Betting Strategy

secrets to winning at sports wagering

06Apr 2017

So Money is a weekly Podcast held by Farnoosh Torabi where they discuss various topics having to do with money, and particularly, the best ways to make money. Farnoosh has touched on sports betting a number of times as a great way to capitalize on a solid investment and create a sustainable source of income for […]

12Sep 2016

Sports Info Traders Westgate Handicapping Contest Winner Week 1 After the first week of NFL Action the Sports Info Traders company lead by the sports betting legend Jon Price is in 1st place. Thanks to a thrilling 5-0 undefeated start the Sports Info Traders (Westgate Account 7202) won the Detroit Lions over the Indianapolis Colts […]

08Jul 2015

Dunkel Index The Dunkel Index was originally created in 1929, to settle a dispute between two men over which college football team was better. At the time, sports teams did not play other teams from far away regions, so they had to devise a formula to compare these teams who would otherwise never meet in […]

08Jul 2015

Professional Sports Betting Strategy Sports Betting is a game better left to the professionals, that is of course, unless you have the professionals on your team. Winning at sports betting isn’t as simple as just picking winners, there’s a lot of various nuances that bettors need to keep in mind in order to become successful […]

03Jun 2015

Baseball Betting Guide Baseball and MLB is regularly one of the most undervalued sports in all of sports betting and handicapping is baseball. Our Baseball betting tips have helped our clients make a killing all through the summer months over the last decade, putting themselves in position to really have some fun when the NFL […]

03Jun 2015

Bankroll Management in Sports Betting Everyone always think sports betting and wagering is about who wins the most. And while that’s understandable, and winning is certainly a crucial part to being successful at sports wagering, it is not the most vital element to winning and building your bankroll in the long run from sports. The […]

01Jun 2015

Baseball Wagering Strategies Baseball employs a unique betting strategy for many people that you must know how to use to your advantage in order to cash in on it. While both pro and college basketball, and pro and college football games both usually have more bets placed on the point spread play, baseball is the […]

01Jun 2015

Basketball Wagering Strategies Much like baseball, basketball gives us many games to choose from each and every night, for each week of the active season. With so many games to choose from comes multiple options for how you can approach your betting strategy for basketball. As we mention with every sport in sports wagering, never […]

01Jun 2015

Football Wagering Strategies There’s plenty of different tips that professional handicappers use when advising their clients to wager on football, but above all else, no matter what sport you’re betting on, the most important strategy that a bettor must employ is discipline. Lack of discipline is the fastest way to throw away your entire bankroll […]

19May 2015

Sports Gambling Help Whether you’re a common bettor just looking to make a few extra bucks on the weekend, or a seasoned pro with many years of experience betting successfully on Baseball, Basketball, football, soccer or any of the other major American sports throughout the year; Chance are that you can still use some solid […]

09May 2015

With so many ways to wager on today’s sporting events, how does a handicapper choose where to place his or her money? Well, there is no real right or wrong answer. It all depends on the bettors comfort level, and return expectations.   Two of the most popular betting options available however, are either wagering […]

27Apr 2015

Sports Betting Strategies Everyone has their own sports betting strategies or trend that they tend to latch onto, but the best ports betting strategy is to keep an open mind and know that every game is unique to itself, and not relevant to any trends or past results. Particularly with the lower level, unsuccessful sports […]

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