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CBS Sports Picks Against the Spread

cbs sports picks against the spreadStop wasting your time with the talking heads on TV and their useless sports picks. If you’re listening to ESPN, NBC, or CBS sports picks against the spread, no wonder you’re losing! Their so called “experts” know nothing about picking sports games. They even have some former players on their team, but just like a good player rarely equates to being a good coach; being a good player doesn’t usually equate to knowing how to pick sports games. Besides, the picks they give out are not their genuine picks, anyway. They’re given their picks from their producer to create story lines and add to the ongoing narrative that they’re pushing that day.

TV is for entertainment, not for sports picks insight. If you’re taking picks from the talking heads on networks like CBS or ESPN, you will lose your bankroll very quickly, and honestly you deserve to. Forget the talking heads and their picks against the spread, get with the real professionals like our team here at Sports Information Traders where every week we offer free promotional plays for new clients to sample our service with no upfront obligation. Get in the door now and see how a real, reputable, sports handicapping service can build your bankroll through strategic investing and solid information.

While CBS and other TV networks of the like will occasionally give out picks to their viewers, these picks aren’t usually against the spread, but instead just a straight up pick of the winner for the game. But even more troubling is that their picks are just flat out bad. Playing the game and being very good at it has nothing to do with being able to pick consistent sports winners on a daily basis like the professional handicappers who make a living doing so. Do yourself a favor and put the TV on mute, and before you place your next big sports wager, be sure to check in with one of the best sports minds in the entire sports handicapping industry, our very own founder and lead sports picker, Jon Price. Jon has been doing this for well over twenty years and has built his reputation as being one of the greatest sports pickers in the history of the business.

Don’t take our word for it. Go ahead and google Jon Price and look at the reputation of a long, consistent documented winner. From Forbes Magazine to the Huffington Post and Yahoo Sports, Jon Price has gained the attention of news sources for both his winning picks and his large sports wagers that he’s won in recent years which made national headlines. You’ll never win at sports betting by taking any talking head’s opinion on TV seriously. Join a winning team with Jon Price today!