College basketball betting tips

NCAA betting is the countries most popular activity come March. If you work in an office then you most likely are filling out your March Madness Bracket. Before we get to that time of the year Jon Price wants to make you $30,000 by advising you which games to bet on. So below are his:
College basketball betting tips
Sports bettors love college basketball, this is because there are so many games to bet on and there are too many opportunities for sharps like the ones employed by sports information traders. For you the amateur this is your lucky day that you have now found us. To the novice handicapper this can be a very daunting undertaking keeping up with all of the games throughout the NCAA season. 
That’s why we have put together a list of helpful NCAA betting tips that college basketball handicappers should follow in order to make betting on college basketball more fun and profitable.
First and foremost, handicappers need to understand the college basketball schedule.
There are three different parts to the college season, which include non-conference, conference and postseason games. A team’s motivation can change drastically between these portions of the season and so can it’s wins and losses, as well as the strength of its opponents.
For example, often times teams will play much weaker opponents in the in the non-conference segment of their schedule in an attempt to build confidence and pad their reputation for a postseason berth. However, for handicappers these games can be much more difficult to predict because of the lack of history between the teams.
During the next part of the college basketball schedule, things get a little easier to prognosticate, as teams only play opponents from their specific conference — ones that they are more familiar with and have a history against.
Finally the final part of the college hoops season is the postseason, where teams give it their all with the best teams usually winning it all.  
Of course, there are some other factors that stop even the best teams in the nation from coming out on top.
For starters, handicappers have to keep their perspective clear and their expectations realistic. Always bearing in mind that college basketball players are kids. The maturity level is drastically different than the NBA, and with that home court advantage can be a huge factor.
College basketball players are significantly impacted when playing away from home and could play poorer because of it. Teams that are good at home are often not very good away from home, so bettors need to remember to take home court advantage into serious consideration, even when betting on the best teams in college hoops.
Next, handicappers need look at a team’s rebounding statistics.
Because college teams miss a lot more shots than NBA teams, the team that can pick up those loose balls will usually come out on top. A lot of times, that will affect the pace of a game. So, college basketball bettors need to compare the tempo of the two teams that are squaring off.
However, handicappers need to also look beyond comparing just styles, like a team that plays a very up-tempo game with a lot of run and gun to a team that plays more of a half court set.
Handicappers also need to review the history of the team they are backing to see how successful they have been against in getting their opponents to play their type of game. Because if a basketball team has to play out of character, they will more times than not come out on the losing end at the final buzzer.
Finally, college hoops handicappers need not be afraid to pass on a college game they are not sure of. 
With so many games happening during the course of the season, there are plenty of choices to wager on, and they need only bet on the ones they have good control of.


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