College Football Free Picks

College Football Free Picks

With over 300 schools in Division I College Football, it’s one of the hardest sports to handicap for the common public, and even some of the less reputable handicapping services. With that many teams, it’s nearly impossible for amateur players without access to the right resources to prepare for these games. And with the vast majority of TV coverage focused on the few powerhouse conferences, information is tough to come by and you’re left with is basically a coin flip scenario for the popular conference games which draw the most scrutiny from the bookmakers.

Our team of industry experts, Jon Price and Mike Wise guide our clients through their daily picks. Jon Price and Mike Wise are our two lead handicappers and are among the best in the country at what they do. In 2012 Mike Wise won the Vegas Handicapping Challenge Champion after posting a 71-35 record through the duration of the NBA season, while our lead handicapper, Jon Price has been known around many circles as the “Handicapper to the Stars,” as his client list includes some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and other high ranking execs. Our two in-house Sharps are our secret weapon and the sole reason why we’ve been able to sustain such consistency in winning over the last decade.

Sports Information Traders doesn’t do coin flip scenarios. Our college football free picks are the best in the industry, hitting at 62% during the 2014 season. We have regional scouts assigned to every conference ensuring that no piece of vital information goes unnoticed, even in the smaller, lesser known conferences. Our picks are based on real, tangible data analysis… Not just a hunch or “gut instinct!” Our college football free picks have been one of our most successful promotions over the last 8 years as we’ve made our clients in excess of $1 Million in FREE picks, alone! Just imagine what our premium plays can do!

Join the most reputable and consistent online sports handicapping firm in the country by trying out one of our college football free picks today. We’ll give you a taste of what it’s like to work with the true Sharps and professionals of the industry like our own, Jon Price and Mike Wise. Let us show you what our information can do for you without even having to open your wallet. We believe in our picks, and you will too after trying one of our college football free picks today!

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