College Football Picks

There’s nothing quite like the excitement and tradition that college football brings every fall. From the pregame rituals to the marching bands, everyone has a reason to root for one of the 125 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision schools. It should equally come as no surprise that college football picks are among the hottest betting action each fall. 

Before you start making your college football picks today, it’s important to understand both the betting options available, and how to make sharp plays based on the odds. A Sports information Traders package gives you the inside advantage each week from the top handicappers in the world. 

When you’re ready to put money down, we’re here to help you make the best moves to optimize success. Here’s what you need to know about making college football picks. 

College Football Expert Picks

Even for the most experienced sports gamblers, making smart college football betting picks can be overwhelming. On any given week, there are over 50 games being played at all hours of the day, ranging from perennial powerhouses of the major conferences, to the smaller schools that represent the wide range of diversity in football today. 

Making the best college football expert picks goes beyond tracking the teams and reading the odds. To consistently win, it’s critical to understand a team’s strength of schedule, their incoming talent and transfers, along with their weekly condition. From there, the best make a point to understand how betting odds work to maximize their chances for success. 

When making college football picks, there are three key bets to understand: Making college football picks against the spread, college football total picks, along with college football picks and parlays.  

College Football Picks Against the Spread

College football picks against the spread are some of the most common found in sportsbooks nationwide. In these situations, the oddsmakers set a favorite based on the margin of victory. For example: If a favorite team has a spread of -5, it means they are expected to win by five or more points. 

There are two bets you can make when picking against the spread. If you are making college football betting picks for the favorite, you are betting they will win by at least the points against them. If they don’t win by that amount, you will lose the bet. 

On the other side, if you are making a pick on the underdog, you expect that they will either win the game or “cover the spread” by losing by less than the predicted margin. To illustrate: if Team A was a 4-point favorite, but Team B loses by a field goal, a bet against the favorite would be successful. 

NCAA Football Total Picks

NCAA football totals are some of the most common college football betting picks. In this bet, oddsmakers predict the total amount of points both teams will score in the game. If an offensive power is facing a considerably weaker defense, the predicted total score will probably be higher. But if two well-matched teams are playing, the number may be much lower. 

There are three bets you can make in this situation:

  1. If you believe a game will be a high-scoring affair, then you would take the “over” wager, suggesting that the teams will score more than the line. 
  2. If you believe the game will be won on the defensive side with a low score, then you would take the “under” bet. 
  3. If the over/under line is a whole number without a decimal, and the total score equals the prediction, then the bet is a “push.” In this situation, all wagers are returned.  

College Football Picks and Parlays

One of the most exciting bets you can make are college football picks and parlays. With a parlay bet, you are gambling that certain outcomes will take place during the course of a game. The key advantage of a parlay pick is that bettors can put down less money, with the opportunity to earn more. 

For example: When making college football picks this week, you believe that Team A will not only cover the spread, but that the total score will be over the total line and the quarterback will throw for over 300 yards. Therefore, you make a three-way parlay pick on all of those events. To win, all three things must happen by the end of the game – two successful outcomes are not enough to win the bet.

There are limitations to consider on college football picks and parlays. While some sportsbooks won’t accept parlay bets, others will limit the number of bets allowed in a parlay. In addition, most sportsbooks won’t allow you to make a parlay bet on both the money line and against the spread. 

Sports Information Traders

When it comes to making college football expert picks week over week, you can trust the “Handicapper to the Stars” Jon Price and his hand-picked team at Sports Information Traders. Combining their proprietary model with unmatched analysis, the authority on sports betting will help you optimize your strategy to consistently win. Contact us today to get a consultation, and start making sharp plays immediately.

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