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College Football Power Rankings

college football power rankingsIn a sport like College Football where there’s such an extraordinary number of teams to keep track of, it’s necessary to use tools like betting trends and weekly power rankings when deciding your picks for the week. No matter if you’re a seasoned professional handicapper or completely new to betting, the power rankings are helpful for making your picks, specifically in sports with such a vast number of teams like College Football has.

While it may not be as applicable for sports with lesser teams, where there are better variables to track and that better correlate to winning picks, but the power rankings certainly have their place in handicappers’ and bettors preparation for picking these larger sports like college football and college basketball. To further direct the power rankings, it’s also a good practice to begin looking at the power rankings for both offensive and defensive sides of the ball. For example, if you find a good mismatch of a top ranked offense against the low ranking defense, that may offer some insight to your pick. Or if you happen to find a matchup of two top offenses against two lower level defenses, that may make you want to pick an over wager on the total. The power rankings can definitely help your picks, but you have to know how to use them properly in your preparation.

College football power rankings may not be a clear cut answer to your daily winning picks but they’re still an important piece of the puzzle when making broad comparisons between two teams. They have their place in every handicappers book of resources but if you’re planning on simply picking the team with the higher power ranking, you will be broke in next to no time. Learning to use the college football power rankings to your advantage can be an absolutely crucial skill to develop when trying to get your daily college football picks back on track and in the win column.

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