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Cricket Betting in India

cricket betting in indiaCricket is vastly becoming one of the newest betting options for sports bettors all over the world. The popularity of the sport is ever-increasing and so too are the number of wagers. Players, such as Sachin Tendulkar, are given a god-like status in the country and some of the biggest tournaments in world cricket are now held in India. This has led to some exciting betting opportunities on Indian cricket.

With India Test Matches, One Day Internationals, Twenty Internationals, Indian Premier League and Ranji Trophy, there are some big cricket matches played in India every year, with plenty of money being bet on the outcome. There are a number of reasons as to why so many people choose to bet on Indian cricket. Firstly, many bookmakers show live streaming of Indian cricket matches throughout the world, making it easier to get involved in the action. Plus, with the different formats of the game, as mentioned above, different markets become available, thus creating variety of opportunities.

Some of the common ways to bet on Indian cricket include Match Betting, which simply involves betting on the team that will win a specific match and Series Winner, which involves betting on which team will come out on top in a three or five match series. There are also markets tailored for betting on individual performances in a cricket match, such as Top Batsman and Top Bowler, which involves predicting which player will score the most runs or take the most wickets during the course of an innings, match or series.

There are also a range of more advanced cricket betting options. These include betting in-play, as a match progresses. Markets available include predicting the number runs scored from the next delivery and how the next wicket will fall, with options including bowled, caught, LBW or stumped.

Handicap betting is also popular in cricket, especially in tournaments such as the Indian Premier League. In shorter formats of the game, such as the IPL, the handicap is usually placed once one team has completed their innings. In doing so, this will keep the match interesting, even if one team is superior to the other.

In terms of the best strategy to follow when betting on Indian cricket, there are a few key points worth remembering. Firstly, always complete detailed research. The internet is full of statistical information for tournaments such as the IPL and Ranji Trophy, therefore it’s easy to study the form of teams and players over time and make informed decisions. Stay away from live, in-play betting markets unless a genuine trend has developed during the course of a match. These markets are very difficult to predict, with little information on which to base decisions.

Finally, always follow the form teams and players. In events such as the IPL, it’s wise to allow the tournament to develop before placing bets, providing time to see who is playing well. In this instance, as players form all over the world are participating in the IPL, studying individual form of players for their respective countries can also help. When it comes to betting on Indian cricket and cricket in general, statistics are generally the key to success.

In terms of bookmakers to use when betting on Indian cricket, there are many to choose from but it’s wise to pick one and stick with it, for ease of use and to save time when betting. Two bookmakers which offer a wide range of markets for betting on Indian cricket are BetVictor and Bet365.

Betting on Indian cricket has become big business, especially since the arrival of the Indian Premier League in 2008. With the increase in the amount of cricket being played in the country, the betting options are only going to become bigger and better in the future. Sign up today with a winning international team like Sports Information Traders and let us show you the great opportunities to cash in that cricket presents.