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A new phenomenon and trend in the video game world is having the ability to bet on who will win in a sports video game. This is known as eSports and being able to wager and bet on this is a sign of things to come. The experts here at Sports Information Traders takes notes of all trends and happening in the gambling, gaming, and sports betting industry. We strive to continue our great success in being the most successful and profitable sports betting operation around.

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Betting on video games is the newest idea that was sprung from the success of Twitch.tv which allowed excellent gamers to build followers who wanted to watch them play games. It was originally Justin.TV which is where many streamed football games during the day. Online and in real life there is a lot of growing traction in the eSports betting world. It is not only for Madden matchups but just as much if not more (no official data has been released yet) for war and first person shooter games, racing games, and in case you did not know mega Casinos are already hosting terrestrial tournaments featuring the famous video games being played by your favorite eSports athlete.

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