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2015 Expert Football Picks Against the Spread

Expert football picks, nfl picksYear in and year out, Sports Information Traders is always ranked in the Top 3 of Online Services for both NFL and College Football. The only two things that are promised in life are taxes and Sports Information Traders dominating in Football. You can set your watch to it. Our success stems from our great team of analysts and our dedication to winning.

Most services devote most of their resources to NFL Football, and understandably so, it is the number one wagered on sport in the country. Sports Information Traders is no different in terms of the quantity of resources we deploy to cover NFL Football teams, but it’s the quality of our resources that sets us apart from the competition.

The Winning Edge…

Led by Jon Price, our team spares no expense in retaining exclusive contracts with some of the nation’s top NFL betting information sources. Our scout teams get an early start to preparing for each football season with detailed reports and analysis for every team from around the league. By time the season kicks-off in September, we’re ready to produce for our clients instantly. We have a proven system for betting on football against the spread and it has been profitable 20 out of the last 22 seasons. No system is ever perfect but with enough refinement we are able to continuously tweak our systems and make ourselves as well as our clients a lot of money giving out our advice each week of the season.

Many services don’t put in the time and resources needed to be consistently successful at winning in the NFL, or any other sports for that matter. Most other services are content with squeezing their clients during lucky streaks, and then blowing them off when they fall back to reality. At Sport Information Traders, we take winning personally. It’s not just about putting money in our clients’ pockets, it’s about being Ranked #1 out of the hundreds of online handicapping services at the end of each season. No other service is more prepared to hit the ground running and make you money right away each season. While other services are busy trying to learn the teams and gather information once the season has begun, we’ll have our resources locked and loaded, ready to start cranking out winners every week.

When you see our winning record with our expert football betting picks and how clients have made millions of dollars thanks to our help, you will be glad that you use our experts to pick winners each week of the football season. Jon Price and his team here at Sports Information Traders are among the best in the world at picking sports betting winners consistently and with the discipline to sustain that success over a long period of time. Stop betting on losing information and join the professionals now. Mr. Price is syndicated across national radio for his insight into sports wagering, and now is your chance to join his winning team and let us get you on the winning side tonight!