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How to Find the Best Sports Betting Odds?

There are hundreds of reputable online sportsbooks which offer bets on thousands of sporting events in multiple sports markets. Betting online can sometimes be complicated as there are many different ways to bet.

Punters can choose to bet on live action or use accumulators, as well as place traditional bets on the outcome of a match. The key to winning is finding the best odds. Two punters can place identical bets, but win vastly different sums based on the odds. With so many bookies to choose from it can sometimes be challenging to find the best betting odds, this article will explain how it’s done.


Understanding Betting Odds:

It’s essential to understand how to read betting odds before you can begin searching for the best odds. Betting odds are usually presented in one of two ways:


  • Decimal odds: Sometimes, odds are presented as a decimal number. This number represents the money you can win for each $1.00 you wager. For example, if you see odds of 3.1, it means you could potentially win $3.1 for each $1 you bet.
  • Fractional odds: These are similar to decimal odds but they are presented differently. The fraction also refers to the amount of money you can potentially win for each dollar wagered. Sometimes it helps to break down the fraction into decimals, e.g. odds of ½ equals 0.5, which means you stand to win 50c per dollar wagered.

Sportsbooks and Review Sites:

Once you have a clearer understanding of what odds mean, the next step is to find a reputed sportsbook (think Sports Interaction) and to look for a credible review. Other notable sites that compete for the top rank for Vegas Betting Odds are Oddsshark, Covers.com, SBR Forum, ScoresandOdds.com, Donbest.com, and VegasInsider, which compares the competitiveness of odds at different sportsbooks.


Comprehensive review sites will scrutinize all the top sportsbooks and highlight which ones offer the best odds for each sport. If you wish to place a specific bet, it’s crucial to first compare the top sportsbooks and only select the one which has the best odds.


Beat the Bookies:

If you want to find the bets which have the highest odds, but still have a good chance of winning, there are several strategies you can try. First, you can select an underdog. In many sporting events there is a clear favourite and online sportsbooks will obviously offer lower odds on the favourite. However, occasionally the underdog has a stronger chance than the bookies are giving them, and you’ll find great odds available on competitive underdogs – and you never know how these might play out. This is sometimes known as the “contrarian method,” which means the public heavily back one side and, by going against them, you can potentially win a large amount.


Alternatively, look for events which have a strong chance of ending in a tie. Sportsbooks usually offer good odds on draws, so if you think a tie is the most likely outcome you can take advantage.