Floyd Mayweather will Beat Conor McGregor but Don’t Bet On it

There is a ton of hype surrounding the first ever star Boxer vs. star UFC fighter matchup. The oddsmakers are going to have Mayweather at an all time high and favorite for this fight. Jiummy Vaccaro, a famous Vegas Oddsmaker, said “He would consider posting Mayweather as a 30-1 favorite”. “What a circus,” said Vaccaro, who doubts the fight will happen.

Floyd Money Mayweather is the greatest boxer of all time. With a 49-0 record and a near 100 million dollar payday for his fight against Manny Pacquaio, is expected to use his defensive skills against the UFC lightweight champion in a boxing match not a UFC matchup. An expected opening line if the fight were to happen is Mayweather -3,000 (Yes you read that right. 3,000 risk to win $100) and McGregor would be +1,600 to open.

“Nobody with any brains is going to lay $30,000 to win $1,000,” Vaccaro said. So the fight won’t attract a lot of bettors or at least not any sharps.

Westgate sports book manager Jeff Sherman said he would open Mayweather as a minus-2,500 favorite.

“There will be ‘dog money,” Sherman said, “and I think there would be people out there who would be willing to lay big prices like that on Mayweather.

“It’s basically just a glorified exhibition where one guy doesn’t have much of a chance to win. McGregor can’t beat him in a boxing match, just like Mayweather can’t beat him in an MMA fight. It’s a joke.”

According to comments from Mayweather and UFC president Dana White, no deal has been made. The speculation that it will however is contuining to heat up and its possible to happen for tv ratings and a big payday for both entities. It is pending approval from the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the rules of the fight. Mayweather at 39 years of age vs McGregors 28.

“Now let’s speak of gaming integrity,” said fight handicapper Lou Finocchiaro “I can see no way there are lines out on this fight without the rules questions answered. But I can tell you that I am deeply skeptical that this is going to be anything other than a media hype-driven spectacle that lures the public into paying to watch a ‘Dancing with the Stars’ charade.”

“This is a dream matchup for the media. Mayweather has managed his career in precision fashion and has proven to possess business acumen. McGregor has burst on the scene with a youthful blind ambition and a keen eye for business, which is why there is no way that if each of these men showed up to fight for passion, for pride or for family in a back alley that this event would ever come off. To Floyd, this is a pure money grab, and in order for both to profit and make the ruse work, Conor will have to succumb to the old pro’s propositions.”

“There are so many questions, but suffice it to say that if Floyd and Conor met on the street and Floyd did not have a weapon, he would get demolished inside three minutes unless he fled.”

Underdog bettors would hope McGregor can attack and land a big punch. Favorite bettors would bank on Mayweather’s superior conditioning and ability to win almost every round.

“It would be good for business,” Vaccaro said.

Overall expect this to happen thats our one bet. The advice is to watch as a spectator and enjoy but don’t plan to risk $30,000 to win $100. Anything is possible in sports and the risk to reward principles have kept us profitable for decades and we plan to continue with our winning philosophy.

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