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Football Betting Guide

Football Wagering StrategiesSports Information Traders is ranked consistently among the world’s best NFL pickers because we spare no expense in delivering you the highest quality information on a daily and weekly basis. There’s plenty of different tips that professional handicappers use when advising their clients to wager on football, but above all else, no matter what sport you’re betting on, the most important strategy that a bettor must employ is discipline. Lack of discipline is the fastest way to throw away your entire bankroll in a matter of only weeks. We strongly advise our clients to never chase the money in any sport. Losses are apart of sports wagering, so if by chance you lose a wager earlier in the day, do not force a later play and compound that loss into a bigger one. So many times bettors feel the need to get it back instantly, when what they should do is walk away and wait for tomorrow’s top play.

Another strategy that our team here at Sports Information Traders advises against is multi-team parlays. Parlays are the degenerate gamblers’ favorite. You get as much action out of the most amount of plays possible, with a relatively larger payout… What more could a bettor want? The truth is that parlays, especially those featuring three or more teams, rarely win. The increased payout is overshadowed by the fact that you will lose most of them by a vast majority, which offsets any increase in the payout itself. For every game you add to a multi-team parlay, the more your odds of winning decrease significantly.

If you want the best and sound advice, it’s play only one to two plays each and everyday at the most, and always load up on your favorite play. If you do give into temptation and place a wager on a parlay or some form of wager that diminishes your odds of winning, make sure it’s a secondary, smaller wager, and not the bulk of your day’s bankroll bet for that particular day. As long as there’s NFL around, it’ll always be king of the casino and sportsbooks. It’s the most popular wagered on sport in the country and with only 16 games in the regular season, chances to cash in are minimized compared to other longer season sports. Sports betting is always about capitalizing on the best odds available, so when you see a sure winner in the NFL, it’s time to move on it. Nobody can help you spot those obvious winners better than our staff here at Sports Information Traders.