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football locksThe number one sports handicapping service in the country is also the top sports picking service in the NFL for the last 3 years. Jon Price and his team proved their superiority once again this NFL Season as they finished in the top spot for sports handicapping services in Westgate’s SUPERCONTEST. With over 1800 entries each and every year, the SUPERCONTEST is the cream of the crop in terms of football gaming and wagering. While there were over 1800 entries, a fraction of them were professional sports handicapping services. The way the contest worked was that every team or person had to pick five NFL games against the spread every week of the 17 week season. At the end of the contest this past NFL Regular Season, Jon Price and our team here at Sports Information Traders was sitting as the top ranked professional sports handicapping service in the entire competition, and even held the top spot out of 1800 entries for multiple weeks.

When football Sundays roll around, it’s time to make money. It’s a Sunday tradition throughout the Fall and Winter months here at Sports Information Traders, where we make our clients the bulk of their profits on the year during that relatively short NFL window. With handicappers like Dave Michaels and Mike Wise behind the legendary sports bettor and handicapper himself, Jon Price, our team is built to produce profit and winners quickly. Don’t take our word for it, checkout Jon Price’s work on Google and on the radio where he’s featured on nationally syndicated radio programs throughout the college and pro football seasons. Jon sometimes gives out free picks on his radio programs, where he won over 70% of his radio picks this past year. Check out his radio picks on our Radio Page or tune in to ESPN radio is specific areas throughout football season to catch Jon and his winning football locks on the radio.

Not only does Jon win at NFL like few handicappers can do consistently, but he’s also a legendary sports bettor in his own right with highly publicized Super Bowl wagers each worth over $1 million, and he won them both! It’s that kind of confidence in his product and picks that has customers lining up for Jon and his winning sports betting information. In addition to his few highly publicized high stakes sports wagers, including a huge futures bet on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series, which won, Jon has also been featured in Forbes Magazine and is 3-0 in all of his picks that he’s given to Forbes in interviews. Don’t take our word for it, ask google, Jon Price is one of the most reputable sports bettors and handicappers in the world, and seems to be hitting his stride each and every NFL Season. Sign up now on our homepage and get started on your path to successful sports betting investments today.

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