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football tradersInto today’s modern era of sports betting, there’s countless ways for players to place a wager on any particular sporting event around the world. From straight bets to moneyline and spread bets, to totals and various prop bets… The options are practically endless for ways to bet on sports games. One of the latest, popular ways to wager on sports is through “Trading.” This technique has become particularly popular among football fans and our own Jon Price who wagers on NFL and College Football throughout their respective seasons.


The way that football traders work their magic is that the line is set for first quarter, second quarter, third and fourth individually. While many football bettors prefer to place a wager on the entire game, by placing wagers on the individual quarters or by the halves, you can give yourself a little more wiggle room to trade lines and have more of a choice of what line you’re settling on.


The halftime line is introduced with a few minutes left in the second quarter of the game. From there the line will shift erratically and at times, unpredictably. It’s the football traders’ job to be watching that line to pick up on the trends of the line movement in order to get your clients the absolute best line available for the second half. So if you’re watching the end of the second quarter, and the team that’s down starts to make a late run with some points, obviously that line is going to shift dramatically. That’s why you never want to place your second half wager till at least halftime has started, unless you’re very confident that the final minutes of the second quarter will be uneventful or that the team you wagered on will hold their ground and their assumed lead in the game.


When the football traders see a line where they believe that it won’t get any better than that, that’s when they move their money on that pick. Many professionals will even manipulate lines to get them to where they want them to be. So they’ll place a large bet on the opposite side of the action in which they ultimately plan on taking, as soon as the line resets to account for that new large wager, then they move all in on the other side of the pick, and with an even larger wager than the decoy wager. In the game of sports betting where one point can mean the difference between ten of thousands of dollars in your pocket, or the loss of your hard-earned fortune, those single and half points count big time.


One of the best in the business at trading football and halftime sports picks is our very own Jon Price. Jon has been featured in practically every major sports publications in the United States, as well as a number of financial publications, as well. From the Wall Street Journal to Forbes and the Huffington Post, Jon Price has made his name from picking sports winners consistently and trading football winners effectively. Visit our homepage now for more information on how you can start improving your sports wagers today.