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With a generation of future hall-of-fame talent leading the way for younger stars entering the league, there’s never been a more exciting time in history to follow NBA action. With multiple games per week and constantly changing storylines, it’s no wonder that more people are searching for the best free NBA picks each week. With so many sites claiming to have the best knowledge, who can you trust? 

The best way to get an inside edge on the action each week is with a Sports Information Traders package. With decades of experience tracking NBA teams and talent, our experts can help you make sharp plays each week and maximize your chances for returns. 

Before you put your money down, it’s important to understand not only how the odds work, but what to look for in high-quality free NBA picks today. Here’s what you need to know about sports betting on professional basketball. 

Free NBA Money Line Picks

Money line action is among the most popular free NBA picks bettors search for each week. When making a money line bet, you are picking which team will win regardless of the points spread or final score. Money line odds also show how much you would need to wager to earn a certain payout.

Teams Betting Odds Potential Pay Out
Chicago Bulls -125 $125 wager wins $100
Charlotte Hornets +150 $100 wager wins $150

For example: In a matchup between Charlotte and Chicago, the Bulls are a -125 favorite compared to the Hornets +150 odds. To earn a $100 payout on a Chicago win, you would have to wager $125, while a successful $100 wager on the Hornets would return $150. 

Smart bettors understand that the best odds of success are driven through a diverse betting portfolio. Our free NBA expert picks are led by master handicapper Mike Wise, who averages a win rate over 60% each year. Getting a money line pick from Sports Information Traders’ NBA Promo Play of the Day can help you find the sharpest plays and maximize your odds of success. 

Free NBA Picks Against the Spread

When looking for an edge, bettors will often seek out free NBA picks against the spread. When betting on the spread, you are predicting that the favorite will win by a certain margin of victory, or the underdog will keep the game within that margin or win outright. 

Because multiple NBA games are played throughout the week, smart gamblers use bets against the spread to expand their risk tolerance. In many cases, a combination of bets allows you to find high-value plays to maximize your odds of winning. 

Every week, Mike and his team analyze all the matchups to see where the spread is a little off to give you the edge towards winning big. Simply put: There are no better free NBA picks available than Sports Information Traders’ Free NBA Promo Play of the Day. 

Free NBA Total or Over/Under Picks

Fans love NBA games because of the constant back-and-forth action, leading to high final scores. It’s not uncommon for both teams to score a combined total of over 200 points at the final buzzer. The fast-paced scoring makes the over/under an exciting betting opportunity and one of the top free NBA picks bettors look for weekly. 

When making any over/under pick, you never want to put your money down without getting all the insights. While checking the NBA sports betting news is important, having the right team on your side can make the difference between boom and bust. We’re so confident in our picks, we give away our NBA Promo Play of the Day for free so you can get the best chance of winning. 

Free NBA Parlay Betting Picks

NBA games are not just driven by team dynamics. Breakout players can make or break the game, with big numbers on their statistical lines. When everything aligns correctly, getting free picks and parlays on NBA action can offer a bigger payout at a lower risk to your bankroll. 

For a parlay bet to pay off, all the picks need to be successful. For instance: Let’s say you like Detroit to win a matchup with Milwaukee and believe the combined final score will be 175 points. This would be a two-way parlay bet, and if both outcomes are true, your bet would pay out at the sportsbook odds. 

Finding top-tier free NBA basketball picks is about more than following the best players on the leading teams. The best handicappers look at games across multiple factors, including average playing time and the opposing team’s weaknesses. When Mike Wise puts down a pick, you can trust you are getting the best insight on which parlays present the best opportunities for success. 

Today’s Free NBA Expert Picks

Before making bets on basketball games, start by getting NBA free picks today from the two leading handicappers in the world: Jon Price and Mike Wise. Sign up to get sports betting picks from Sports Information Traders now, and start watching your wins add up.

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