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Golf Betting Tips

Golf betting tipsOne of the least bet on sports is also one of the easiest to handicap and wager on, if you know what you’re doing. Golf is traditionally one of those sports that’s a diamond in the rough for many sports handicappers around the world. It’s a year-round sport, which makes it among the best to profit and wager on, and it gets much less attention from the bookmakers in Vegas because of its relative lack of popularity when compared to the more major, popular sports. There’s always golf tournaments going on somewhere, and with so many chances to capitalize, it’s easy to find solid odds that tilt the game in the player’s favor.

Unlike other sports, there’s some quirky bets you can place only in golf… For instance, like how many birdies or pars a player gets. All of these prop bets can get a bit overwhelming, unless you have the right team on your side who can decipher through the information and deliver you only the winning information. These prop bets come in handy when you have close information about a player and understand the course that they are playing that week, as well. Unlike prop bets in other sports like football where there’s a great deal of luck and complete chance to win a prop bet, Golf’s prop bets tend to be solid odds, and more predicatable on average… that is, of course, if you have the experts on your side like our own Jon Price here at Sports Information Traders.

Golf can be extremely profitable if you knows the ins and the outs of wagering on it. It’s not the most popular sport in terms of entertainment or wagering, but that has a lot to do with fans not enjoying watching the games. To us, and other professional sports handicapping firms that stand behind a reputable product, entertainment should not be the reason you’re wagering on any given sport or sporting event. That’s the fastest way to turn your hobby into a massive losing investment. It’s not about the shape of the ball, it’s about the money in your bankroll after the game wins. You don’t need watch the games. Do investors sit and watch their investments go up or down all day? No, you let us do the leg work, and you check the scores at the end of the day to see how you made out. Get in the door today and let Jon and his team teach you the ins and outs of betting on winning Golf Tips. It will change the way you view and wager on golf. Less straight bets on picking the winning golfer, and more strategical prop bets that will yield you larger payouts and better odds of winning.