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Hockey Betting Guide

nhl betting guideNHL is one of the less appreciated sports in the sports betting world, particularly in the United States. But as we always tell our clients, it’s not about the shape of the ball or whether you enjoy watching the sport, it’s all about the money that goes into your bankroll at the end of each day after a winning pick. NHL offers plenty of chances to make money on a nightly and weekly basis, and our NHL department is as good as anyone else when it comes to picking out the best NHL picks on the board each and every night during the NHL season.

We usually strictly play the moneyline and the score totals for NHL plays. In a generally low scoring sport, the point spreads can sometimes lead to disastrous outcomes even after a game may seem in hand. One of the most popular bets is the totals, as our team are experts at knowing whether a game will be an offensive or defensive struggle. It’s this kind of information and resources that having our staff on your team can turn you from a losing hockey bettor to a winning one overnight.

Dave Michaels and his NHL department are second to none when it comes to making money on the ice. Many American services don’t even offer hockey picks because they don’t have the number of resources to offer quality information. Well fortunately for our clients, we are. Our team is among the best as evident by our 64% winners annually, so put the pros on your side and start winning your NHL hockey picks today. As a seasoned bettor he made $90,000 betting on the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2017 playoffs. Knowing when to be aggressive and place large wagers on pucklines is important and crucial towards betting success.

Similar to betting on baseball, the moneyline is the most popular wager when betting on hockey, not just for us, but for most common hockey bettors. This is due to the great number of close games, with the vast majority of games being decided by just one or two goals. While playing the puckline or point line can be a dangerous way to wager on hockey, it can also pay extreme dividends if you know what you’re doing and have solid information on a play that you know will be larger than the 1.5 goal difference which is usually the standard puckline, similar to baseball being 1.5 runs. Whatever you do, before placing your wagers be sure to give us a call or sign up on our homepage to make sure you’re prepared with the right information to help get you on the winning side of tonight’s NHL action.