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Hockey Puckline

hockey pucklineSimilar to betting on baseball, the moneyline is the most popular wager when betting on hockey. This is due to the great number of close games, with the vast majority of games being decided by just one or two goals. While playing the puckline can be a dangerous way to wager on hockey, it can also pay extreme dividends if you know what you’re doing and have solid information on a play that you know will be larger than the 1.5 goal difference which is usually the standard puckline, similar to baseball being 1.5 runs.

We rarely advise our clients to wager on the puckline for that very reason that it really brings bad beats into play late in the game. Losses are apart of sports gambling and if you ever wish to be successful in the industry or in your own personal sports wagers then you’ll need to learn to be discipline and to accept losing days. Overall, avoiding losing weeks should be your number one goal in this day to day affair of sports gambling. The only thing worse than a loss though is a bad beat. It’s sometimes gut wrenching to sit and watch a play that looked golden for the first two periods suddenly fall apart with minutes left in the final period. It’s for that reason, along with the basic logic of taking into account the number of close games that happen on a daily basis in the NHL that make the puckline such a risky bet when used on a regular basis. The reward is great when you can hit a puckline, as the payout is substantially larger than that of the moneyline, but the risk is equally dangerous and eliminates any substantial value that the payout would render.

Regularly wagering on the puckline is the fastest way for a bettor to go broke from wagering on hockey. the most common hockey wagers are on the moneyline and on the totals, and for good reason… Because the odds fit the payout, as the risk fits the reward. Sometimes bettors get tempted to chase the money and go hard on a puckline to make a quick buck, but that buck rarely comes, and you’ll go broke before you even realized what hit you. Join a team of professionals that understands the ins and outs of wagering on hockey and tilting the odds in the players’ favor on a nightly basis. Sign up on our homepage today and let Jon and his team get you on the winning side tonight.

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