How to avoid betting on college football teams that have quit

How to avoid betting on college football teams that have quit

Even as the end of the college football season approaches, there is still enough time for college football handicappers to cash in. In fact, this time of the year can be even more profitable if bettors can spot teams that have already quit even though the season’s end is still one or two weeks away.

To help college football handicappers recognize a team that could be on the verge of quitting, we’ve put together a few tell tale signs.

For starters, if a team who entered the season with high expectations is riding a horrible losing streak during a season when nothing has gone right, and everything has gone terribly wrong, than it’s likely to get even uglier as the season draws to a close. That’s because teams that are expected to win become disenchanted when they perform far less than what they should be capable of. And handicappers need to take not of this. Stay clear here.

Second, football bettors should be looking for teams that have players that just don’t seem ready to perform at a high level, as these teams may using players that they have been forced to use because of injury, or perhaps they are utilizing players because the program is clearly looking beyond the current year. This might pay off in the long term, but in the short term the team is going to suffer on the field. And so will handicappers if they wager on them.

Next, bettors need to recognize coaches that may be on their way out.

Coaches on the chopping block will usually only care to finish up their contract and schedule, and with no future with their current team in sight, aren’t typically going to be too fired up. That lack of motivation is often transposed onto their players who may or may not be sad to see him go. In either case, there is very little chance that the team is going to put any real effort forward, or be a solid play for bettors.

In that vein, a late season coaching change is another reason a team may be giving up, as the of changing schemes that often accompanies an alteration in a team’s coaching staff, can leave players unsure they are going to have any real success. That usually results in poor play or lack of enthusiasm.

Finally, a team that usually shows signs of hanging up its season early, is a team that has all of sudden began performing miserably. Usually when a football team has been performing at a subpar level for several games in a row, after starting out well, usually performs at a much worse level in future games.

Handicappers have to use their best judgment here, as some rebound from such a funk, while most teams never overcome.
The best thing to do here is look for injuries or suspensions that may have become too much to surmount.

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