How to manage betting on college and NFL football games in one weekend

Betting on football games is fun. But it can be a challenging, especially for handicappers trying to stretch their time and resources on both college and NFL football games week in and week out.

During some weeks there are as many as 50-60 football games on Saturday and up to 16 on Sunday. That’s a lot and far more games than even the most experienced football handicapper can effectively manage.

Still, handicappers are often lured into wagering on too many games, which can lead to a huge amount of unnecessary losses.

With that, we have put together three important betting tips to help football handicappers deal with the inundation of games throughout the football season.

For starters, bettors need to plan their budget ahead of time. With the amount of football games on tap, it can be easy to be distracted by the next game. So, handicappers need to decide in advance how much they are willing to bet and have the self-discipline to stick to that budget regardless of what happens.

Helping to accomplish that goal, is the need for handicappers to plan far in advance.

So many bettors wait until the weekend to start looking at teams and matchups. By that time, there is too much happening, too much information to try to glean at once. The temptation to try to bet on every game is too great because of poor planning and lack of information, usually resulting in poor betting decisions.

Odds and information comes out early in the week, so it’s best for handicappers to begin doing their research on the upcoming weekend’s games early. If they do so, they can wager without pressure, and can afford to spend more time per game to get positive results.

Next, is the process of eliminating games. If handicappers follow step one above, this comes naturally.

Not even the best football handicappers can deal with the huge number of games that are available, so they learn quickly how to eliminate the games that aren’t interesting or potentially profitable.

They do this by picking games that are conducive to their betting style and technique. Handicappers should keep track of the types of games and bets that they are very successful with, and others that just don’t work. The quicker a football handicapper can recognize the games he or she wants to pass on, the faster they can start to look at the games that have potential for profit.

Finally, the biggest and most costly mistake any sports handicapper can make, is trying to bet on games just to did themselves out of a hole.

Many times, if things go bad early on Saturday, bettors start to increase their bet size, taking additional risks in order to make their losses and turn the weekend into a winner on Sunday. Therefore, it is critical that football bettors don’t fall into that trap, and remember that sports betting is all about the long term and not the short term.

Some weekends will be great and others not so great. But in the end, if handicappers stay in control and bet smart, they will win more than they lose in the long term.

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