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Dow Jones Projections for 2019-2021

Forecasted Downward Trend

The graph to the left shows the cumulative percentage returns from the Dow Jones’ peak levels. The green line represents the more pessimistic scenario for the Dow, the yellow is the average scenario for it, and the red line is the transposed forecasted return for sports. There’s a lot of concern over a pending recession caused by the recent trade tariffs, which will continue to significantly hinder the market sentiment going forward. Sports betting is virtually recession proof, and with the recent end to the ban on state sanctioned sports betting in America, investing in sports is about to become a much more mainstream option for investing your money.

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The Winning Formula For Sports Betting

Jon Price has built his name over the last 20 years as being one of the greatest sports bettors and handicappers in the modern era. Above are just a few samples of a few of his larger stakes wagers. Mr. Price has set the standard in the sports handicapping industry for consistency in documented winning picks. So many handicappers today insist on how great their picks are, yet they never wager on them themselves, instead they leave that gamble up to the client. Well Mr. Price is one of a kind in today’s handicapping industry, as he wagers on his own picks that he gives to his clients daily.

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