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Jay Kornegay Westgate Sportsbook Las Vegas, Nevada

Jay Kornegay Westgate Sportsbook Las Vegas, NevadaThe Westgate is considered to be Las Vegas’ Superbook, which originally opened in 1986 and is the largest sportsbook in the entire world. Referred to as a “Sports bettors playground” the Westgate Sportsbook in Las Vegas is second to none when it comes to their sportsbook and sports room. The sportsbook alone is over 30,000 square feet which comes with over 300 seats, and 28 extra large TV monitors for bettors to watch all of the biggest and best action for their picks from that day.

When it comes to their betting odds and lines, the Westgate is once again far ahead of the curve. They offer a vast variety of lines that the typical sportsbooks do not. Like various advanced lines, prop bets, and games of the year lines, basically a bettor can place a bet on any game far in advance which can work in the player’s favor if they have a particular futures play that they like and have a handle on.

Another one of the great things about the Westgate in Las Vegas is that it’s located off the strip. You don’t have to deal with the headache and cluster that comes with navigating the Las Vegas Strip, however it’s also close enough to all the action that you’re right around the corner from all the sites and sounds of Las Vegas but without having to stay in the middle of it. As a sportsbook focused hotel and resort, the Westgate Sportsbook in Las Vegas should be at the top of any sports bettors’ bucket list when visiting Las Vegas.

Not only is it one of the best casinos and sportsbooks to check out next time you’re in the Las Vegas area for work or for pleasure, but they also hold the annual football picking contest called the SUPERCONTEST. In 2016, over 1800 services and bettors entered the contest for their chance to win the millions in cash prizes for the top ranking finishers. In this SUPERCONTEST, each service and/or sports bettor places five wagers on NFL games against the spread, and the entry with the best record at the end of the season. Our own Jon Price and his team here at Sports Information Traders finished as the top rated sports handicapping service in the contest for the 2016 NFL SUPERCONTEST. We even held the lead for a good portion of the early going, especially after starting the season 5-0, and then killing it for the next few weeks, as well. That’s what we mean by unmatched documented success. The best sports handicapping service in the land according the 2016 NFL SUPERCONTEST. Don’t take our word for it, sign up today on our home page and let us show you hat we can do for your bankroll.