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Learn more about the private jet flying gambling legend who has been successfully turning a profit betting on sports for over three decades and now allows the general public to follow and profit from his plays.

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Jon Price – Sports Betting Legend

Few people have the guts, skills, and tenacity to be placing a million dollars on a game. Even fewer have the success that Jon Price has had for decades winning year in and year out. After being a reclusive gambler known only in the most elite betting circles he has come out and started to sell his picks publicly since 2014.

Making millions of dollars betting on sports, flying on private jets, and being featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Card Player Magazine, and many more has set this sports handicapper apart from the rest of the field. Simply put Jon Price is the most successful sports bettor that has ever lived and now as he nears retirement he is allowing the public to play his picks for the first time ever.

After profiting and making himself millions of dollars off of Las Vegas and their inefficiencies the public now has the opportunity to bet on games using legendary Jon Price’s handicapping advice. His strategies and syndicate is kept as a top secret and the world is always watching and awaiting to see what games he is betting on. When it comes to wagering on sports he takes the gambling part out of the equation and makes it easy for you to make money because all you have to do is follow his advice.

When you want to make money betting on sports you just have to work with Jon. Jon Price has years of experience and flew under the radar for so long until he decided to come public and let the public have a chance to beat the bookmakers as Jon has done consistently through the years. With features on Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Bleacher Report and other notable publications who have touted about his mathematical algorithmic information and ways in which he is able to handicap games and help his clients profit and have fun with Sports Investing instead of sports gambling.


Read about Jon on the numerous publications that have featured him for his innate ability to bet on sports profitably. Simply put no other living sports bettor achieves the success that Price has and allows the general public to purchase his plays to see for themselves. Sign up above and start winning today with the help of the analysts at Sports Information Traders.


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