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M Resort Sportsbook in Las Vegas, Nevada

M Resort Sportsbook in Las Vegas, NevadaThe M Resort is another one of these high end luxury boutique hotel and casinos located right on the Las Vegas strip. It was constructed by Anthony Marnell III, who is the son of one of Las Vegas royal family, Tony Marnell, who had a hand in developing some of Las Vegas’ most famous casinos and hotels such as Caesars Palace, Wynn Las Vegas, and the Bellagio.

The M Resort Sportsbook in Las Vegas, Nevada is an upper scale, posh hotel resort that caters to the rich and famous, similar to that of the Wynn Las Vegas. With rooms usually ranging in the many hundreds to thousands per night for a room in such a nice hotel resort, if you’re staying at the M Resort, you’re not short on money. When visiting the M Resort, taking a trip to the poker room and sportsbook is an absolute must, as it’s one of the nicest in all of Las Vegas, which is definitely saying something. The decor is of the highest quality, and reminiscent of the Wynn Las Vegas in its elegance.

Even if you’re not staying at the M Resort, you should definitely fit it into your schedule for the next time you’re around the Las Vegas area. It’s a taste of the rich and good life without needing the bank account. Try out the world class sportsbook by placing a wager and watch the game in their lovely sports room where you can watch all of the day’s action from around the world, from every major sport. Our staff here at Sports Information Traders highly recommends checking it out, you won’t be disappointed.

The M is as classy as they come on the strip of Las Vegas’ powerhouse casinos and sportsbooks. With a beautiful blueish tint to it, it’s very distinct in its posh design and elegant scenery. Their outdoor pool area is also a site to behold as one of the most beautiful, and extremely large pools out of all the Vegas Casinos. Next time you’re in Vegas, even if you’re not staying at The M, you must checkout their exceptional features. The decor of the casinos and the sportsbook are second to none and really highlight the gameday experience for the sports bettors who are in town trying to make some easy money at the sportbsooks. So next time you’re in Vegas, be sure to checkout the M and stop by the sportsbook while you’re at it. And sign up on our homepage first, and make sure you put Jon Price on your team before placing your wagers at the books in Vegas.