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March Madness Betting Tips

march madness betting tipsYear to year, the March Madness NCAA Championship Tournament is routinely one of the hardest events to handicap in all of sports, but also the one which our team excels at. Jon Price, our founder and lead handicapper here at Sports Information Traders has had fellow industry sharp, Mike Wise, head his college basketball and NBA department for the last six years as Mike has taken our hoops picks to a whole new level during that time. Averaging 64% annually on average, Mike Wise is considered one of basketball elite minds in all of the world, and regularly is mentioned among the handicapping elite particularly for his NBA, College basketball, and March Madness Betting tips.

It’s no mistake that we rank towards the top each and every year among online documented basketball services since Mike has taken over our basketball department. We’ve won our clients in excess of $6 million over the six years he’s been our lead basketball picker. It’s time for you to get in and take your piece of the pie. With daily winners each and every college and pro basketball season, there’s plenty of opportunities to cash in every day of the week. So don’t delay and miss out on any big winners, sign up above or on our homepage for a sample of what Mike Wise and our basketball department can do for you and your March Madness betting picks this March.

It’s that time of the year again and this is your chance to cash in on the month of March. Nobody in the world knows college hoops like our own team of analysts lead by our own lead handicapper, Jon Price. Mr. Price is feature on nationally syndicated radio segments throughout the entire NBA and College Basketball seasons due to his distinct and renowned knowledge of the two leagues, and his sustained success over the last two decades at picking consistent winners from the court for his clients. Don’t be fooled by the large number of pretenders who have flooded the market with their losing picks in today’s sports handicapping industry. Jon Price is the real deal and has been featured in tens of national publications from Forbes Magazine to the Huffington Post and Gambling911. He sets the standard for today’s sports handicapping industry and has still been known to wager his own picks on the side, because with picks as good as his and access to the kind of winning information that he has, you’d have to be a fool or a scam service not to take your own picks.