Marco D’Angelo Handicapper

Image result for Marco D’ is a large platform used by various sports handicappers around the country, as well as the globe, where they can sell their picks and advertise their service. One of the many sports handicappers that can be found on there who’s created a lot of interest for himself is Marco D’Angelo. A sports handicapper who claims to specialize in NBA picks, particularly, Marco claims some pretty impressive winning percentage and stats for his career’s performance in picking major sporting events.

On his page of WagerTalk he claims to be 510-460 in the last 635 days in NBA, which isn’t even impressive at all. That means he’s currently winning at 52% in NBA. When you count the juice, or the big, that bettors pay to the bookmaker for taking their action, that means you’re losing money on a nightly bases. While he does still claim some impressive numbers on his site, that’s his current record in NBA and he displays it as if that’s something to be proud of.

While you have to respect Marco’s honesty, honesty isn’t good enough to get you wins and fatten your bankroll at the end of the day. Good winning information is the only thing that’s going to translate into a winning investment for you and your sports picks. Now is the time to try a reputable service that’s been written about in a number of National publications across the country from Forbes, to the New York Times, ESPN Radio, and many other notable sources. Jon Price has built his name on consistency and quality sports picks over the decades and is now considered to be arguably the greatest sports picker in the modern day sports business.

Marco’s prices seem cheap, but that’s just the hook to entice you before they bump up the prices significantly. These are all signs of a less than reputable service trying to rig the odds against you and burn up your bankroll in their own selfish interest. Pay a little more to join the real winners like Jon Price’s team here at Sports Information Traders.

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